Goals: Mike G

Still not sure what to say about last night yet, but I have slightly calmed down & picked all my toys up, while participating smoking a couple of cigarettes, Thanks Bob/Oggy, so I might as well start off at the beginning, always a good place to begin & see if I can remember events.

Everyone turns up on time, except stevie, who surprisingly is complaining about his fitness, well that certainly will get tested during the game & his complaining may be exacerbated too, so we start off with Sanju in goal, Stef & Tarik playing wing backs with Martin & Tommy centre backs, a midfield of Mike & Rich on the wings, stevie & Rick in the middle & Flabbo up front with Andy.
We started off really well putting there back four under pressure from the word go, while competing over all park to keep them restricted to long shots & breaking down there play comfortably in our own 3rd.

Good closing down from Rick, enabled Flabbo to get a shot off which went close, Mike & Stef were linking well down the left causing them no end of problems, with Mike going close, more individual pressure from Flabbo who got a shot off over the bar, we were growing into the game & everyone was looking up for it. But we had been here before, I overheard the someone on the bench say!

Tarik who was starting his first game, was doing a fine job at right back, keeping there best players quiet & snuffing out any danger, while assisting Rich who was assigned to man mark there danger man, gave away a free kick by the side line, from this free kick we easily cleared & some good midfield play pushed forward on the break quickly to Andy who headed on to Mike to weave his way towards goal to finish with style to put us 1.0 up, that didn’t happen last time!

We continued to play some nice football & create a few more chances, with the back four looking comfortable, Rich doing such an outstanding man marking job, that he even got a standing ovation from the entire bench, stevie actually moving around & controlling the midfield like he did in those dark old days when he was single, Rick running around so much he nearly puked, Mike cutting down the left & creating chances for the never staying still & intelligent running of flabbo & Andy, we were starting to dominate, just needed another goal, with the more than capable changes of Lionel, Keith, Patrick & Paul we kept up the pressure to the half time whistle.

Looking good what could go wrong?

As usual with this set of players over the last few games, the half time team talk was again much of the same.

At this point I seem to have gained some enforced amnesia so I don’t self combust a sort of self preservation trigger, keeps the dogs happy when I get home, but to say that it was a travesty of machiavellian proportions would be an understatement to say the least, I can slightly remember a free kick being giving to a dive with no player even a yard near him, followed by a ball hitting the side netting & the assistant referee giving a goal even though he said he didn’t see anything, Rick getting stamped on when he was on the floor, luckily just swelling, Lionel getting threatened to have his legs broken, Paul being pushed over in the penalty box when through on goal, I can go on but i’m beginning to gain a slight green tinge so I best stop.

Anyways the least said about the second half the better, after some thought I did put a complaint into the league & the referee committee, I’m not sure if it will get us anywhere, but I just think the mentality should be changed somewhat, especially in a supposed friendly ‘Vets League’, I will update you all accordingly.

So after that if you fancy getting stamped on, maybe a possible fracture or two, give the opposition a goal lead for no reason & verbally abused by players & referees our next game is:

Monday March 12th @ Happy Valley (Pitch 6), 9.30pm v TKP


Please let me know your availabilty for this match.

I will send out a team confirmation Monday morning