Not sure how your all feeling today, but i’m still coming to terms how we didn’t win yesterday let alone not pick up a single point?

In the first half, I think that was the best team display so far this season, from the start we penetrated their back line & caused problems after problems, scoring 2 great goals, with our superior passing, while winning every tackle, every header

& standing up to any challenge they threw at us, reducing them to only one chance all half

Then the second half was a harsh lesson to take, yes they were fortunate on some referee calls, but we really need to take our clear cut chances, which were all easier than theirs, hitting the woodwork a couple of times & finding ourselves in situations where we really need to get the shot on target, if any one of those chances went in, the game would have been over & my dogs & wife might be talking to me today, that’s how a fine margin it is in this league.

We need to work on more composure, communicating on the pitch & manage certain areas on the pitch & phases of the game & not switch off from set pieces, letting a midget score from a header, at this level moments like that are punished.

So we need to take it on the chin, No way did we deserve to get beat yesterday, & moving forward put the bloody ball in the net when the chances arrive, because the way were playing they will!

We showed great spirit & character which we will use to get out of trouble, I have no doubt about that, we have a tough game coming up, followed by games against teams that are all around us, if we show the same performance levels, especially what we achieved in the first half, were get the points.