Goals : Mehdi, Nick, Jens

Great display on Sunday, we should play at 08:30am more often…

07:50 and HKUSA goal keeper is already warming up.

Matt, Nick and Bertie are the first spartans to show up. Then every 5 minutes we have 1 or 2 more players arriving. Cowley leading the warm up at 08:10.
5 mns to go and we cant’ see Sanju (we knew he was on the pitch but we couldn’t see him). We are 11 players 2 mns before kick off but all of a sudden Scottie shows up with his socks on. I had to make an unfair decision and asked Andrew to start on the bench while he arrived on time.

Matt who arrived on time spent 20 mns to find shin pads and boots without cracks….

We start with a 4-4-2 formation.

Sanju in goal, Bertie/Dave center mid, scott left back, matt righ back. In the midfield we have tom/Mehdi in the center, Cowley on the right and Joe on the left .Nick and Jens are upfront.

First twenty mns show a complete control of the game by Spartans but still nil all despite some good attempts. On a challenge between 3 players, Cowley got hit with opponent studs on his face and end with a cut on his cheek wich is bleeding. Better to go to the hospital to take care of the cut. Andrew comes in right midfield.

Then we managed to score twice before halftime. Sanju having touched the ball only once!

Short half time talk : no argument with the referee (already 2 players booked), we need one more goal and we have to keep control of the ball.

First 15 msn of 2nd half are a bit shaky, we were losing our confidence. Byut superb back 4 managed to prevent any danger from HKUSA. Dave even managing to kick Bertie in his stomach. Hopefully no yellow card on this oneJ

Jens manages to get the ball on the right side of the bos, close to the corner flag. After challenging successfully 3 players, he ends up on the ground, kicked from the back. Free kick for Spartans and Jens puts a strong header that the keeper can not stop.

3-0, 5 mns to go. Last minute, HKUSA striker is alone in the box but Nick mkes a tremendous run and properly tackles the ball! Amazing defensive gesture.

Very good display from everyone on Sunday morning. Briggs never showed up nor gave a call, he will pay the beers for the next game!!!!!!!!

Everyone played very well and if we can show the same spirit in coming games we should be in 1st division next year. We still have a lot of work to do on the self control. We can’t win 3-0 and receive 3 yellow cards (Scottie, Joe, Jens).

MOM : we didn’t really vote for the MOM but personally I go for Nick. His fighting spirit really made the difference.