Another balmy night at Kings Park  under the lights. Lots of anticipation given our big squad and the fact Red Roosters were bottom of the league.

We start in a 4 – 4 – 2 formation of Vera (G), Tony (LB), Kay (CB), Scott (CB), Terry (RB), Stef (LM), Tom (CM), Miles (CM), Ed (RM), Dan (F) and Cowley (F)

We start the game very well with good movement and passing. Everyone feels that if this continues we will be too much for them. Cowley looks a constant threat and a cross from the hobbit-like striker takes a big deflection and we are 1 – 0 in the lead on 5 mins. Cowley and Stef combine again and Cowley makes it 2 – 0 on ten minutes. Thanks to Jeff’s translation the Red Roosters Manager shouts "we are the better team even though we are 2 – 0 down"… Whatever… Our defense looks really composed and Scott at centre back is immense. Its unfortunate that Kay goes off with a cut. He looks rock hard now… According to the man himself. A little reshuffling sees our Indian hobbit Hemant come on at Left back and Tony Choi goes in the middle.

Cowley is looking a constant danger and Stef and Hemant combine well on the left. Miles and Tony also do a great job in the middle. Henry makes and great save, they hit the bar and Tony clears off the line in a strange five minutes but we continue to dominate. Another fine Cowley run sees Tom finish to make it 3 – 0. Tom, Miles and Stef all go close before Cowley flies past 2 of their defenders before making it 4 – 0 with an outstanding finish. At half time we are very content.

Initial changes at half time see Dan change with Henry in goal, Chi on for Ed on the right, Raul on for Stef on the left and Rickman on for Miles in the middle.

Scott continues to dominate at the back and Hemant makes many marauding runs on the left. Great skills are shown by Scott, Tony and Chi and we look very strong if a little more rushed than the 1st half. Cowley is then hugged by their defender and as a true English sportsman demands a Red! Henry takes the freekick cleverly with the outside of his foot (naturally he has been taking lessons from Chi). Rickman also makes many runs in the middle.

We manage to get Adam, Jeff, .Mark, Seb and Kenny all into the game and all do very well. Henry assists the gaffer by doing stints in goal, striker and centre back.

Everyone had a great game and all got a good run.

MOTM – Cowley – outstanding "the Pride of the Shire"
MOTD – Terry and Seb

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