So   guys we had our penultimate game of the season in China. Passports at   the
ready   the majority of us all hop into taxis from the White Stag. With   a
little   help from I-phone technology we turn up with a little time for   a
brief   warm up and start with a 4 – 4 – 2 formation of :  Brian (G),   Stef,
Dan,   Scott, Terry (D), Ed, Tom, Nathan, Matt (M), Patrick, Forlan (F).   From
a   distance the pitch looked superb but close up we see that its a bit of   a
shocker   with huge puddles and middle of the park resembling the swamp   that
Shrek   grew up in.


The   team talk emphasizes closing the other team down early and given that   we
had   beaten this team 6 – 0 before making sure that we stayed focused   and
composed.   All that goes out of the window when after a few minutes a   break
from   them sees Brian chop down their striker and pick up a yellow. It was   a
relief   to see that we did not go down to 10 which would have been   a
disaster.   In any case they score a well taken penalty and go up 1 – 0. To   be
fair   they are well on top from here on a our passing is shoddy and we   don’t
close   down at all. It it wasn’t for some good defending especially   from
Scott   we would have been even further behind. After about fifteen   minutes
we   creep back into the game. We play a little better and a good move sees   an
excellent   cross from Matt which Tom may have got a flick which finally   sees
Forlan   scramble in a goal and its 1 – 1.

This   gives us some well needed momentum and we start to play much better   for
the   next ten minutes. Ed and Stef combine well on the left. Matt makes   some
good   runs on the right and Forlan is looking dangerous up front. Nathan   has
the   ball laid off to him by Stef. and then scores one of the best goals   by
Soho   in a long while and hits is a rocket that swerves into the top   right
corner   from around 35 yards. We get a deserved 2-1 lead and have   worked
very   hard to get back ahead. Nathan and Pat then combine well, Matt and   Ed
get   some dangerous crosses in. We get a free kick that Nathan hits over   from
distance   which was another good effort and Tom also gets a shot in.   Although
we   are on top the opposition… credit to them is also working hard and   the
quickest   player on the park flies down the left wing going past two of   our
defenders   drills in an equalizer. We are stunned and hobble off the   pitch
and   at half time it is 2 – 2.


At   half time we have a chat and its obvious that this is going to be a   tough
game.   The gaffer is not happy that we started slowly and that we have   not
closed   down the opposition enough. However, we did play well in periods and at 2   –
2   it not a disaster. Chi comes on for Tom in the middle of the park   and
Cowley   who only made it to the pitch minutes before comes on for   Pat.
Immediately   we start well and look like the sort of team that has played   so
well   over the last month or so. Chi immediately get some hits in. Matt   and
Ed   show their skills on the wings and play with great determination.   Cowley
attempts   a header at shin height and wastes a perfect cross from Matt   after
five   minutes. However, the "pride of the shire" gets a chance to   redeem
himself   a few minutes later and smashes in a half volley into the top   left
corner   from just outside the area. 3 – 2 we are on top and playing   well,
everyone   looks well up for this half. Hao comes on for Ed on the left   and
immediately   gets into the game linking well with Nathan. Its good to   have
the   Chairman. James comes on  for Matt on the right and also plays   well.
Forlan   has a shot and wins a corner. Brian makes a good save when   their
quick   player breaks through but
this   is their only real chance of the half as we are totally on top.   Chi
hits    the post and has now done this on three occasions times in   two
halves!   Another corner is flicked on by Chi and Dan scores a well   directed
header.   4 – 2 get in ! Stef plays well on the left combines with Hao   and
Cowley   shoots over. James also has a shot from range. Chi and Forlan   also
combine   well and Forlan has another shot and gets a corner.

The   ref blows up and once again we finish the second half stronger than how   we
played   in the first. This is great to see as it shows our   determination
especially   in light of the heavy pitch. Well done to everyone; a really   solid
performance   which showed the character of our squad We are really digging   in
as   a team. Its great to see that we fight hard for each other.

A   good turn out at Yorkshire Pudding later on that starts off   another
excellent Saturday   night.


Stef,   Nathan, Dan, Cowley, Scott and Terry. Nathan (The South   African
Rivaldo)   wins for an excellent all round performance in front of the back   four
and   a fantastic goal


Terry   and Scott for clothing issues… "I’ll go back next week and pay for   the
sleeves"!   Cowley wins for a number of reasons including trying to head   the
ball   at foot height and getting lost over the border although the conference call   he had
with   Chi in the 1st half helped them bond which is apparently very useful for   morale.

Lets   finish off with another win tomorrow!