Soho Spartans

Soho Spartans became an off shoot of the Nite Spartans in 2009 after a combination of lack of games in the ALeague and an influx of new players. Soho Spartans originally competed in the City League and on it’s debut season won the 2nd division title. The Sohos then had a series of runner-up places in Division One for several seasons never quite been able to take the championship title. The Soho’s then applied to the more established and regular games in the Legal League in 2014/2015 season and have constantly competed in the upper half of the 2nd division table ever since eventually earning promotion in Division One where they have stayed ever since. A very social team that has improved over the years Soho Spartans will be looking to bring back a trophy to its home a Shady establishment on Peel Street in Soho no doubt in not too distant future.