Goals: Cowley, Sam

7:30 kick off on a Friday night at a new pitch on the dark side was always going to be tough to get everyone there on time. with the trains packed out it took 15 mins to board a train and we arrived just after scheduled kick off time with light drizzle in the air.  After checking iphone(4) to see who was the home team, panic over as the opposition warming up in red were told to get into their away kit and we hurried to get changed. 

lining up 4:5:1 Patrick (GK), left to right Ed, Tom, MikeoD, Sanj, Stef, Sam, Chi, Jeff, Cowley and Marc the lone striker. 

Nightmare start with the opposition going straight down the middle of the park into the park and scoring in about 10 seconds. 

Keeping our heads up we settled into our rhythm and were camped out in their half, they hit us on the break a couple of times but never really tested our keeper (me) however one break with their player about 2 miles offside in our half was not called, Tom bore down on their player however just as our keeper cleared the ball from outside the box it deflected off Tom for Soho’s second own goal in 2 games. 

2-nil down totally against the run of play. 
Numerous dubious off side calls and fouls given to the opposition saw us coming in at half time pumped up and in the ascendancy. 2 changes with Colin and Tony slotting in to central defence with Ed & Mike off, Tom pushing into midfield and going to 4:4:2. 

We continued where we ended the half camped in their half and our pressure showed with 2 quick goals from Cowley and Sam shortly after subbed for Varun. With the opposition bricking themselves up popped their coach who invaded the pitch complaining about Varun having come on with someone else’s shirt and demanding the game be abandoned,  10 minutes wasted and we kicked off again, however their tactic worked as we lost our momentum some what. Cowley decided to pick a fight with the opposition keeper and they both got carded. 

Would have taken a draw before the match given they are 1st division side and were runners up in 2nd division last season, however it was down to the 3 extra players they had and their coach who salvaged a draw for Regal. It;s round robin group games at this stage of the cup, we have 2x2nd div teams still to play, next up in first week November Japanese Leaguers who lost then Virgin second week of December. 


Final Score: Soho 2, Regal 2 

Goals, Cowley, Sam – anyone claiming assists? 

Cards: 1xRed – Cowley, 3xYellow, Sanj, Chi, Patrick – WHO ELSE GOT A YELLOW? 


note on cards, we currently have 8 yellow (1pt) and 1 red (3pts) = 11pts, for every 3pts over 15 in a 12 match cycle we get fined $500 a pop. 


If we collect 7 pts in the next 8 games it’s $500, if we get 10pts its $1000 – WARNING – anyone getting unnecessary cards for dumb fouls, petulance or pushing/shoving/fighting will be fined $150 for yellows and $500 for reds totally at managers discretion.