Game 5 of the season saw us come up against ZOB not sure what that stands for but again they didnt really offer much resistance. 

Starting with the following line up:
Dan Mc, Bertie, Oz, Danny, Randy, Nathan, Joe we started well keeping the ball and never looked troubled with Joe getting the first on a slippy pitch which made things hard, Scott made an immediate impact and came off the bench to get the second and we go up 2-0 at half time.

The second half saw us dominate yet again and when we got our 3rd goal I believe a tap in from Joe the flood gates opened with them just camped in their own box most of the time which again makes it frustrating, more goals from Dan Mc, Randy and another one from Scott seals the victory to make it 6-0 to the Spartans and as per the gaffers instructions, lots of goals and lets not concede.

It was not terribly pretty at times and when we play the big teams we will need to raise our game, but we all know that anyway.

Well done everyone man of the match was Scott W, whose welcome back brings back memories of yeste year a bit like his hair cut which covers the front portion of his face, but who am I to talk, I am just jealous he has that much hair! also Joe is now only 2 goals behind Nick W in the scoring charts, time for a come back Nick me thinks! Joe is after your top spot.