SatSpartans 0 – Monopoly 1
A tough loss to take after dominating a lot of the play. The small pitch
helped level the game from a less technical opposition however with squad we
had we should have had no troubles against this team. They did have a few
dangerous attacking players which always gave them a chance to score against
us. However it was a lucky shot from a distance was our ruin but in the end
we had loads of chances to at least level if not win it.
As for the match we started off well knocking the ball around, Monopoly
weren’t getting much of it. Forlan had a good chance to put us ahead early
but scuffed it wide. We continued to dominate and no doubt the number of
free-kicks around the box was accumulating. Knowlzer usual radar boots where
bit off synch with the free kicks. However there was one instance where he
hit the target from a free kick which went straight through the keepers
hands and smacking him in the face. Somehow it parried away after several
players couldn’t take advantage of the blinded keeper.
This year our conversion rate has been outstanding however we couldn’t
convert in this one and it was to cost us dearly. As the game was still at a
stalemate, Monopoly occasionally broke the half way line. One instance saw a
poor pass straight to their striker only for him to weakly hit it straight
to Thomas, there was some warning signs. However before the break they
scored with a long ranger, it was one of those shots where if he had tried
to do it 50 times he would have missed. Shell shocked being down a goal
after dominating so much we lapsed and granted them a great opportunity for
them to score another just before the break. Somehow Thomas held his nerve
and we only went one nil down at the break but it could have so easily been
The second half saw Monopoly close shop from the outset. We bombarded them
with raid after raid but little came of it except for continuous free kicks
from their players around the box, the small pitch helping their cause.
Corners and long throw-ins and it was peppering stuff but we weren’t
creating that many clear opportunities. However a handful of chances did go
to players Lionel a good chance on the right along with Forlan who didn’t
get power on his shot and Knowlzer hitting a shot which didn’t trouble the
keeper. As the game drew near to an end and we started to push up counter
attacks from Monopoly were enviable and they had two good chances to put the
game out of reach. However they never took them and it was in the last 5
minutes we have two terrific chances to score. Jens first hitting the post
and the other somehow clearing the bar from a yard out.
Disappointing loss for everyone involved we dominated so much of the play
but just missing that killer instinct in front of goal. A great turn out
afterwards at the pub shows the team got great spirit and I’m sure this is
what will keep us on track for the title when we need it most.
No one played badly but unfortunately no one really shone when we needed it
most. We could blame the small pitch however we did spank these guys last
time 5-1 on the same place notable against a weaker side. With 6 games to go
and 7 points clear we are still in the driving seat however we need to win
at least 4 of the 6 games to confirm the title. Let’s not slip up on it guys
we fought too hard all season to throw it away at the end. A big game is
needed from everyone in two weeks time against Legal Head for sure, it’s a
must win game to get us back on track.