Again with 19 players we dropped down to 13 with 6 people dropping out luckily Nav and Miles answered the call and could play.

We knew that the team we were going to playing would consist of mainly school kids and a few older heads and even though the opposition was young we knew this wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

The starting line up was as follows: 
Oli (GK) Andy, Colin, Mike, Ed, Joe, Miles, Willy, Chi, Pat, Rich 

The first half saw us to be honest get out played with the HK dragons being the better team, no one had a great first half apart from Oli who was great in goals and saved us on numerous occasions, we produced 0 shots on goals and going in at half time 0-0 was in some ways a lucky escape, even though they were younger than us they were winning tackles and pushing us around. There 2 older heads at the back proabley 22 year olds who were acting like complete idiots the whole game, with one guy who should of been on the set of Eastenders with his cockney accent rather than in Hong Kong which reminds you of why you left the UK to get away from people like that, he kept reminding us how the school boys were better than us, yes yes we get the picture and when Miles tried to have a word with him again uneducated obscene no nonsense came from his mouth, as the saying goes you cant win an argument with an idiot and this was clearly the case here. Having to listen to their constant crap spoilt the game for all those involved, with them acting like pathetic children themselves rather than being role models for the younger generation on the pitch, with them constantly slaging off our team in particular the fact that they kept on saying that our number 3 was a complete t**t, cant remember who was wearing number 3?

The second half saw much of the same, no shots on goal from us and struggling to string 4 passes together with the younger guys getting the better of us. With Jeff taking an accidental tumble in the box and who didn’t call for a penalty their nice center back who has been on a Spartans tour before and lived up to his reputation of being a tool telling his younger players  "thats not how we play, we don’t cheat, we are men, watch this boys and don’t be like this lot" well said, you are a true role model and a shining example to all young players around you, I would defiantly send my kids to be coached by you. 

A mistake saw them go a goal up after a defensive error and it was always going to be on the cards, and then a calamity of errors saw us concede a penalty which according to the defence was not a penalty but they didn’t score so it didn’t really matter.

In the end the game ended 1-0 to them, we didn’t deserve to win and its as simple as that if we don’t have a shot on target then we don’t deserve to win, but at least we can all take collective blame for the result as we all didn’t play as well as we can do and we know it.

On the bright side though our man of the match was Oli Li who was amazing in goal and showed why he had trials for a pro team in Scotland, well done Oli.

Jeff and Jay will be managing the next 2 games good luck in them.