Back on the same spot where we opened the season playing exactley the same team Hoegarden who we beat 3-2 last time in a pulsating game.


After the few usual drop outs Jens aka the best player never to play for Spartans "im drunk text message at 7pm" and a few others who shall remain nameless.


Starting with the following team we had:


GK: Leandro


D: Chi, Sank, Dan, Tony


M: Stuart, Rob, Jeff, Luke


S: Stef and Rich


We started off ok, but struggled to really get hold of the ball which really was the story of the game which led do our downfall. 


They were quick and passed the ball well and with us not stringing many passed together we struggled to make a real impact in the game. 


The centre mid was struggling and they always looked like they had a lot of time. Stuart on his debut playing a bit out of position played well and Jeff battled well on the left mide. Stef and Rich struggled a bit up front and didnt really get much ball to work with and had one shot in the first half that went wide. 


At half time we went in 0-0 holding on quite well. Changed at half time were Chi for Will, Rob D for Oli and Ean came on later on. 


After 10 mins they scored what was a pretty good goal from outside the box lobbing Dan in goal who played well with some big punts up field. 


Ultimatley we ended up losing the game 1-0, lack of shots and opportunites created were our downfall and we didnt often keep possesion and move it up the field.


Man of the match in what was his first outing was Stuart who played well in centre mid always battling and learning a thing or two about how Chinese players love to dive instead of being men and standing up.