Right lads the new City league season kicked off in earnest and we had an entertaining game against Ely who have joined us in

Division 3.
A long/not so long journey to Shatin … I Phones at the ready saw us arrive at the ground in around half an hour before kick off.

The team
talk is done as we warm up and we set our stall with the usual 4 – 4 – 2 with the two central midfielders with specific instructions to stop the oppo playing and spread the ball to the flanks.

Starting line up :
Goal – Jeff A
Defence – Hemant, Dan M, Pablo, Scott K
Midfield – Ed, Tom, Chi, Miles
Up Front – Forlan, Cowley

Subs – John, Henry, Matt, Stef, Terry (drunk)

We start the game very well with Dan, Pablo, Tom and Chi making it impossible for any of their players to get any sort of momentum in the
middle of the park. We win every 50/50 and totally dominate in the air. This gives lots of freedom on the flanks with Hemant, Scott, Ed and
Miles making very good and dangerous runs. Cowley and Forlan look like they are going to score at any opportunity but unfortunately we
can’t get the breakthrough with Cowley, Forlan and Tom all going close. Both teams get a few corners and Dan sends in some dangerous
free kicks Stoke City style. However, with five minutes to go they get one shot which is half saved by Jeff but it creeps in and at half time its 
1 – 0 to Ely. 

To be fair I thought we dominated the half and played exceptionally well. The opposition until the goal looked a little intimidated by our pace
and aggression. The team talk revolved around doing the simple things right and working hard to hit the target.

Matt comes on for a the 35k man … Richard Cowley up front and Henry comes on for Chi after 5 minutes.

The second half is more of the same but we look like we have more cutting edge after the 1st half’s aggression. We get more chances
with Forlan again going close. The final twenty minutes sees Jeff go to right back, Miles in goal, John on for Scott Kieren, Stef on for Ed.
Our pace is far too much for the opposition who’s occasional through balls are snuffed out by Pablo and Dan. Henry’s passing game kicks in
and we are level after his header finds Forlan who finishes cooly. 1 – 1. We continue to dominate with Matt shooting wide, Forlan missing
a perfect tap in from Stef’s cross and Tom again going close from range.

The ref blows up. 1 – 1 it is. The opposition is relieved and we are a little down. However, with more performances like that we should do very
this year. The team spirit, discipline and energy of our performance was very pleasing to see. Everyone played very well. Onwards and upwards!

Oh I forgot, Terry got the last 3 minutes of the game and did not put a foot wrong!

Cowley playing for us after a 35k run, Henry for providing some in-depth pitch analysis which was crucial and timely, Jeff and Miles for the their 
stints in goal, Forlan, Hemant and Stef for coming along at short notice.

Dan and Tom
Yo yo yo….zzzzz