Hi Edwin Tizard, let’s start with the basics; where are you from, what do you do were and what did you do before you arrived in HK?
Originally from Ickenham NW London but moved to Wandsworth 3 years ago. Working as an Architect transferred from my London office.

What’s your Spartans highlight to date?
Has to be the ease at which we beat Albion last week.

Who’s your favourite ever footballer?
Dennis Bergkamp

What’s your dream job?
Oli’s job. Clearly the man has a lot of time on his hands.

What’s your most embarrassing story you can share with us?
Tough one. I was with a couple of mates on a beach in Thailand once where they had one of those fire skipping ropes. There was quite a lot of people watching so thought this would be a great opportunity to show off, perhaps impress some girls. But we’d had a few too many buckets by then so I went first. Approached the swinging fire rope confidently. Completely mistimed it. The rope caught me cleanly on the side of the neck and I hit the deck. Got a nice burn to show for it, not cool.

Would you rather get kicked in the balls once a week or pass to Matt Keefe once a game?
Silly question. I always pass to Matt Keefe.

You’ve been sent down – what crime have you most likely committed and what’s your last
This is very unlikely to happen but I do love a curry.

Square! Where would you choose for a Spartans tour destination in 2018? And give us a run-down of how you think it would pan out
I reckon a luxury spa weekend in a secluded country retreat could be quite nice. Perhaps heal those wounds after a tough season. Just a good opportunity to get to know each other in a quiet peaceful setting. Then probably get fucked up.

Where and when was your best ever night out – tell us about it
Siem Reap – simply too much happy pizza. The night didn’t last very long but a lot seemed to happen. Obviously the giggles kicked in uncontrollably which was too much for one fella who literally pissed himself laughing. We had to head back to the hostel when the paranoia began to hit certain members of the group earlier than others. All six of us threw up when we got back. Including one guy who I’d just met. He’d managed to trap himself under the sink and was balling his eyes out as I threw up above him. Chaos.

In a Spartans secret Santa who would you most want to buy for & what would you get them. What do you hope Santa brings you in return for Xmas?
STI check-up for Grayland. Don’t know the full truth behind the rumours but it sounds like that could give a lot of people some comfort. If Santa could assure me that I’d never have to play categories again on a Tuesday night I’d like that.

SHAG MARRY KILL. Santa Claus, The Grinch, Ebeneezer Scrooge?
Shag Santa. Top lad deserves it. Marry Ebenezer. He’s been saving up and I’d happily be a kept man. Kill the Grinch.