Not sure where to start but disaster from start to finish really have to say a pretty low point of the Spartans Masters on various points. For those that were there playing even though we lost can’t fault your effort although some players looked tired or they wanted to be somewhere else. Others had the passion and desire but it’s a team game we need everyone on the same page which clearly it wasn’t.


We arrived to see Rugby Posts on the field…here was our fortress and we were playing a totally different game. At one point we thought playing a friendly was the only option which saw two of our players leaving before kick-off.


The ref and others however had other ideas and somehow managed to convince a game was possible which it certainly was. Wrong mindset to start but we should have regrouped better. They wanted to be there they wanted to play we had players turning up at kick-off, injured and could not play and others just not turning up at all.


Kick-off and after having an avalanche of available several on standby we had 2 subs on bench including myself. How this happened is beyond belief but it certainly did. First few seconds and they almost scored, our defence slow to react ball not cleared away, a mix up, which pretty much summed up our preparation. We bounce back and El Tel skies an open goal 2 meters out to Lo Wu. Harder to miss than to score he went for power.


Our intensity is low and before we know it a player 25 yards out with all the time he wants strikes cleanly and we are a goal down. Then about 5 minutes later as though someone pressed the rewind button  it happens again. 0-2 after 15 mins this is going to be a struggle but we are still not out of it.


We start to play footie and Stefan somehow is clear in the box has a great chance to draw us back but skies it high and wide. Keeper looks bemused. Our chances come think and thin we hit the cross bar but we never really tested the keeper and when we do he looks well accomplished. Then Grimshaw pulls a hamstring could our luck get any worse one sub now.


Late in the first half they hit the cross bar and we are lucky not to go into the break 3 down somehow.


We regroup at half time shell shocked but still in the game we play some of our best footie. We hit the cross bar twice one which they clear off the line. Andy has a strike which is heading goal bound but hits Stefan instead. Then against the run of play a corner not handled well by us beats everyone and a guy smacks the ball 1 meter away and hits Tony in the arm….penalty against us and we are now down by 3.


After this point it was pretty much a blur. We pushed players up and conceded another after a poor pass in a makeshift defence all along not having enough class to finish off our own moves ourselves. Any other day we would had more luck on our side…but we need to start with the right mental attitude which was missing in droves.


Whistle goes and we head off for beers with some rather drunk female teasing the boys outside Stanley. I think that was about the best thing to come from the night. A dejected gaffa thinking how are we going to pick ourselves up after this shemozzle against a team that was decent but certainly no world beaters. Even the blind ref said to me after the game that was the worst performance he had seen from our team ever.