Football For Life 6-a-side tournament Happy Valley Tues 10th May 2011

Drawn in a group of death it was always going to be a tough tournament.
Squad: Bertie, Mav, Seb, Deny, Forlan, MarkOL, Chi, Colin

We kicked things off with a match against French Dragons losing 5:1 in a 2:2:1 formation with Forlan opening his account
Next up Bel Air with Bertie going on goal playing 2-1-2 formation – lost 6:1 including a comedy (almost) own goal and Deny heading in from a corner.

Not looking good, however 2 games still to go and Mav had to leave which turned out to be the pivitol moment.
Next up Azzuri, Patrick back in goal in a 3:2 formation saw Forlan and Bertie both bag braces in a 4:0 spanking.
Final group game v the Hong Kong Krauts saw us close out 3rd position in the group with a 3:1 goals another brace for Forlan and for for Bertie.

With 4 points for winning by scoring more than 3 goals we ended up on points. Due to the french derivative banking model used to work out the knock out stages we ended up 9th overall with Citi (finished 4th in their group) piping us to the last quarter final berth against the celebrity Football For Life team.

We hung around for our pointless 9/10th play off spot against the Police, with only 6 players left it was a slow game, ended 0-0 and went to penalties.
Bertie’s shot came straight back off the post, they scored and up stepped chi, his trusty outside of the boot failed him, the Police needed 1 goal from 2 shots, Patrick guessed but could not get to the corner intime – jubilation from the Police, a "gallic" shrug from the Spartans.

An enjoyable day nevertheless and thanks for everyone for getting together at short notice.

As a footnote, the Legal League 7’s are coming up in July, traditionally the nitespartans enters a team and gives some players a chance to try their hand at managing the team. In the last 3 years Allard, MarkS, Cowley & Nathan have all managed to get the team to score the grand total of zero goals…yes ZERO goals although we managed to progress to the knock out stages based on 3 draws last year only to go out on penalities (as we were unable to score any….)
If you would like to try your hand running the 7’s squad drop me an email…