A glorious warm sunny day in Tseung Kwan O perfect for the breach, unfortunatly it’s 11am and we need to play football.
The huge stadium becons in the distance as we fought our way throught he crowds walking from the mtr station. Fortunatly some of the cash had been spent on the grass pitch as well as the facilities and the surface must be one of the best in Hong Kong.

Starting line: Danny (G), Pete (RB), Scott (CB), Dan (CB), Mark (LB), Tom (CM),Adam (CM), Matt (RM), Ed (LM), Patrick (F), Nick (F)
All Brothers won the toss and we kicked off, a misshit saw the ball go all the way back to their keeper who passed back to their defence, Patrick caught the guy on the right however the subsequent cross failed to find anyone in the box, seconds later their keepers poor kick out was back in the box with Patrick’s shot saved.

The opposition looked liked startled rabbits as their poor passing was intercepted and their players got caught in posession. Our attacks where relentless down the flanks with our back four feeding the ball out wide and our midfield spreading the ball to unmarked players with ease. The only thing we were guilty off was not taking more time on the huge pitch and resorting to the long ball in the final 1/3. That said Coombes cross into the box was met by an unmarked Ed on the left and he calmly slotted in 1-nil. A similr move 5 mins later saw Coombes "shot" flighted into to the far left post 2-nil and cruising. A loose ball crossed the box and Ed again finished making it 3-nil with only 20mins gone.

A through ball from Pete playing left back saw Patrick through on goal, with their defenders and keeper drawn over a side foot to Nick on the penalty spot made it 4-nil. A similar move moments later from an Adam through ball saw Patrick setup Nick for his second -5nil. We never let up and Ed missed out on a hatrick with a keepers diving save, Adam and Tom had long range shots and at the back Danny only had to come off his line a couple of times to clear long balls. In the dying moments of the half their keeper failed to clear the ball, Patrick intercepted and slotted in – 5nil.

1/2 time subs: Shan for Pete, Mike for Tom

More of the same in the second half, although as we tied  the oppostion had a bit (not much) more of the ball, some highlights:
5mins: Karan for Ed, Jamil for Nick
Michael up front missing 2-3 one-on-ones
Patrick goal 7 – 0 – deflected Karen shot into the goal
10mins: Kenny for Adam, Josh for Ed
Patrick 30 yard free kick palmed away by keeper
Josh & Patrick passing the ball to each other in their box – no one shot
Mike goal 8 – 0  through ball from Patrick/Karen in the box to slot home

A great performance albeit against poor oppostion, however we have had simialar games and failed to take our chances and good to see lots of people getting on the score sheet.

A break this week and we are back in the league against 3rd placed 興隆五金 (Xinglong Hardware) Sat 22nd 8:30pm Po Kong Village (note Sat Sparts play 1pm Kowloon Tsai)

Training as usual Wed night 9pm King’s Park
I have the following kits so please let me know if you will be at training and I’ll bring along:
YELLOW: Bertie, TonyChoi, AndyB, Skurno, Forlan, Jeff, DanH, Hoy, ScottK
WHITE: Chi, Jeff, Varun, Colin, JasonE, ScottK, Hemant, Pablo

Final score: 8-nil.
Goals: Ed(matt), Matt, Ed, Nick (Patrick), Nick (Patrick), Patrick, Patrick (Karen), Michael (Karen/Patrick) 
YC/RC: none