Good strong squad turns up at Kings Park, pitch 1 early doors, waiting for so called superstars of the evergreen league ‘Kiu Luen’, look over at the 7 or so players, comments of "They don’t look much to me", "They haven’t got a team, shall we give them chi" & "look at the little fat one, no way is he any good", I think the last comment was directed at them?

The Vets playing an unusual 01011110101011 binary formation, who had won all their previous league games, quite comfortably, by scoring more goals than the opposition, giving us an excellent chance of being top of the league & possibly winning a trophy, that’s the message that i was trying to instill in the players thus far, came into the game full of confidence.

A starting line up Sanju in goal, Bobby, Tommy, Ben, Danny at the back, Henry playing DM position, Wee man Kelly, Stevie G, Rose,Oggy in the midfield & Flabbo playing the lone striker.



Game starts with Kiu Luen playing 5 at the back, looking to suss us out, first 10 minutes, we both play some nice football, maybe lacking in a final ball when we should be keeping possession, but were keeping our shape & causing some problems with Vets Veteran striker Flabbo & central midfielder supremo Stevie both hitting the woodwork, quite what an antique writing desk was doing on the pitch is anyone’s guess – serious questions will need to be asked of the groundstaff.

Then their No 28 who was spending more time running off the pitch, latched onto an incisive piece of play, running directly at bobby, the 28 seemed to change into shape changing lizard boy with added matrix moves, cutting inside then outside & cooly passing the ball under Sanju, we were in unknown territory, behind for the first time, Bobby signalled for a cigarette break.

Kiu Luen were on top, passing the ball around in nice little triangles with the option of spreading the ball out wide to their speedy wingers, then they hit us again on the right with some good running off the ball & precise passing cut through us to make it 2.0.

Some changes were made with ‘Beckham Bickham’, Pat, El Tel & Chi Man coming on to add some freshness to the team, we managed to hold out for the remainder of the half.


Nothing much happened during half time, and it was actually quite dull. Both teams walked off the pitch and it would be 10 minutes before they returned.


Clearly the halftime teamtalk had, had its effect & the hod carriers began the second half with a renewed sense of purpose, we started to play some very nice football indeed especially with some nice one touch football through the midfield, with a few chances falling for ‘Beckham Bickham’ & Pat, who were causing their defense some problems with their high kicks & scything challenges, we were pushing forward & asking their defense some questions, but unfortunately & against the run of play, Chi Man decided to do one of his special outside of the foot banana kicks across the width of the pitch, putting our back four totally in the shi*e, leading to them scoring their third. 

We responded by continuing to play our game to good affect, with a few rested players back on the pitch, we nearly got our reward for our efforts, with again the woodwork saving them from a quality phase of play ending with Rose,with the scots international with sicilian ancestry nearly spontaneously combusting with frustration & Henry getting his long range shot pushed onto the post from the keeper, on another day at least one of these should of gone in.

Despite the loss the chat at the stag afterwards was how good they were & how we can improve things going forward with some very constructive views, Eddie Jordan was in town & heard that we were playing & gave some advise, not about the football, but about how to drive me Volvo faster, didn’t really understand what he was talking about, so Bobby put him in a cab & sent him back to his hotel, best for him really, El Tel was asking him if he had ever been to a club called Neptunes.

There were times in this match that we played at a very competitive level, if we can continue at that tempo we will dominate most teams in this league, I cannot criticize the efforts of any of the players put in to this difficult game, lets just try to work on our possession going forward, we should have plenty of opportunity against the so called lower teams lets see.

Also it was extremely good to see Stefano back in action, with his little trip over from NYC, still got it buddy, their right midfielder is still picking studs out of his shin…nice one, take care & Forza Lazio.


As the Vets Manager i must confess that I thought it would be a good idea to go ‘underground’, to monitor the players off the field activities, so I have signed upto twitter using an anagram & have been analysing conversations without knowledge of players, I got this idea after going to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at the pictures, my wife Sharon, said it is a bit like being James bond, but its working a treat, I have found out that @ladyboylover has been having George Orwell sessions with @pleasedonthitmeagainmansfield,

i’m informed that the george orwell arms is a moody boozer somewhere in North point.

Also I must admit that @dontdancewithmeinfrontofmywife is working as a double agent & turned informer, "dontdance" has told me in strictest confidence that Nietzsche is a lapdancing club & @Weeman & @Chiman have been visiting regularly after playing games.

More disturbingly though it seems that opinions of the game were being passed without me or other team members being involved,

now post opinions & how we should of done this & that, are all acceptable, means you care about the team & where it is going, encourage that even in hindsight, but note we are a vets team, not some village under 9’s, therefore keep your cliques where they belong, in the village & going forward if you would like to air your thoughts on where you may think areas of improvement could be found, maybe send me an email, meet up for a nice glass of wine, put your points across face to face, I’ll put mine, then after 20 minutes discussion we can decide I was right.

I received a very complementary email from the opposing team, explaining that he had his strongest team out, which included several x south china players & a current HK 1st player, they have also played as a team for three years, as opposed to us having only played 3 games, with some only starting their first game & that he expects us to be a top 3 team, as he was the x assistant coach of south china I’ll take that on board, but I told him to stuff his condescending comments, as i’m not interested in coming third, we are only going to improve & with a few very good players about to come on board or back from injury, are goal must be to compete against this team, & now we have the advantage of knowing what we have to do.