On a cold Saturday night at the famous Tsing Yi stadium for the A League Year of the Dragon tournament we won our first trophy of the year. The squad below played an excellent two games against good quality opposition.

Oli, Leandro, Stef, Chi, Cowley, Terry G, Pete G, Tom R, Adam, Pablo, Mike M, Colin, Sean, Miles, Dan H, Josh (G), Aidan, Jason E


A tight game with both teams having good chances saw us edge it with a solid performance. Mike had an excellent game and had a phenomenal work rate. He got a shot in early which was saved after Adam’s flick. Aidan had a free kick which Adam headed wide. On fifteen minutes Aidan made a Ronaldoesque run past one guy and then had a shot saved. Finally a breakthrough from Adam’s corner Mike headed in and it was  1 – 0

Miles then shoots over after stef does some good work.

Man of the match: Mike

Mug of the match : Miles gets caught offside next to the corner flag.


We went into the final in a positive frame of mind. However, credit to the opposition who gave us a very good game. We play 4-5-1 again and Chi and Jason did an excellent job man marking their pint sized star player.

Stef crosses early on and Adam has a header saved. Halfway through the first half Stef smashes in a thunderbolt of free kick to make it 1 – 0. Cowley then has a double attempt at crossing. Then the best move of the day. Stef knocks an educated pass down the line. Mike then runs at speed down the left and puts in great cross with his left foot which finds Adam who finishes like a Michael Owen of old to make it 2 – 0. They score a free kick to make it 2 – 1 and cause a small headache. However, we finish the game deserved winners at 2 – 1.

Man of the match: Stef

Mug of the match: Tom who goes down like Wilem Defoe in Platoon

We get big numbers back at Yorkshire Pudding which is good to see, let’s do more of this. Burgers, beers and Chips everywhere.

Man of the Tournament: Nominations for Stef and Colin but Mike wins at a canter.

Mug of the Tournament: Tom Defoe wins "hands down". Although Tel’s man purse from the Tudor era must also gets a mention.

Let’s keep the momentum up. Nites are on the move! Everyone played very well all over the pitch.


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