Goals: Simon, Bertrand

Mad Dogs & Swiss Men go out in the midday sun

Sunday Afternoon………..A very hot afternoon, an afternoon which should be spent on a junk, by the pool or in stefs case in bed…..all alone?

Following an impressive 2-0 win against 816, it became clear that my role as Technical Director would be that much tougher with half of the squad out for various reasons, one sub at kick off….Me, we could be in trouble?


luckily for me being the most important technical director football man in HK, i’d come up with a cunning plan. It involved playing cowley at right back. The swiss kicked off, I turned round to pick up a bottle of water, we were 1.0 down, not sure what happened, but was told it was nothing to do with Rich?

The next 10 minutes involved Kapitan Bertie shouting @ everyone, especially Tony, you could tell he did not want to get beaten by a bunch of swiss muppets…..who would.

After the initial shock we started to play some good passing football down the flanks, creating in some clear cut chances, for medhi & simon, but unfortunately simon was quite brilliant in passing the ball back into the goalkeepers arms, then coming off saying he had a hamstring injury, while pointing at his knee, lovely fella. 

Islam had turned up, after checking if the game was still on, didn’t want to get his hair wet, & slotted in well at right back, letting Rich C, move into his more custom role, this put pressure on the swiss defense & we continued to press & create without getting the deserved goal we craved.

We started the 2nd/3rd in determined fashion, solid at the back with Islam & Tony on the wings & Darren & Kapitan, keeping any swiss attack at bay, a midfield centre pairing of medhi & Aiden controlling the park & setting up attacks down the wings for Rich & Joe, while Nana ran the line well, couldn’t really tell you where Nathan was playing, your have to ask him, although i’m not sure if he really knows either? But still no goal!

After a couple of long runs & knee slides down the wing by Rich, simon said his knee was feeling better, so on he went for rich, as I recall, the technical change upset the swiss mindset, & lets face it, its a fragile mindset, & an attack down the right with some sleek passing involving aiden & medhi, ended up at simons feet, who backhelled the ball into the back of the net, good thinking on the ginger ninja’s part, as his normal shot would of been easily saved.

On we went attack after attack, taking shots from everywhere, with a couple of good saves from there keeper, we were pushing and keeping the play in the swiss half, with medhi & nathan completely controlling the game with some silky skills involving Joe on the left, was a joy to watch, there was only one team that was going to win this game?

That was until Medhi & Aiden came off for 5 minutes with heat stroke, who could control the centre midfield while they had a rest, only one person came to mind…TD.

After completely nullifying the swiss midfield & attack single handedly & the 2nd/3rd coming to a close, bertie seemed to get bored with nothing to do, so picked the ball up in our penalty area, to give the swiss a chance to kick at goal……..only fair really. 

So as we watched in stunned silence and experienced the not so rare sensation of going a goal down against inferior opposition again, we trudged off for a water break, did we have enough in the tank to get back again in this game? in this heat? Who if anyone could save us now?

With the much needed calmness & control of medhi & Aiden coming back into play we continued to batter the swiss with attack after attack, it was just like in the world cup, we looked like spain, while the swiss…. they looked like the swiss.

It was looking like they were going to hang on with 5 minutes remaining, just as they had done in the previous month. When we were awarded a free-kick, about 30+ yards out, up stepped bertie, everyone looked at each other, what the bloody hell is he doing taking free kicks, I noticed this reaction & calmly jogged over from my attacking right back position to advise the technical art of taking free kicks, all I can say he took my advise on board.

Bertie Placed the ball with power, giving the keeper no chance at all with the shot hitting the inside of the post/bar with a thud & in the back of the net, extraordinary, for the remaining few minutes of the game, bertie was off doing handstands everywhere & the final whistle went.

Appreciate everyones efforts for turning up in this heat, just shows that we have a strong squad that can compete at this level.

On the day everyone played really well, with stand outs of darren playing in unfamiliar position at centre back, Aiden & Medhi controlling the midfield & Nathan playing in every position know to man, but for big headers, handstands & a quality free-kick,

MOTM is Kapitan.






We asked: Who should be taking the free kicks in Division One this season


36% said you can trust Kapitan Bertie


21% said If you can find the taxi driver who took home Knowlesy @ 5pm saturday afternoon, he’s got a good right peg…….when sober!


16% said Flabbo scored a corker last season from a free-kick but will he be playing?


12% said why haven’t they got egg and chips.


11% said Medhi’a an option, better than his corners!


3% said whatever you do stop Briggsy running half the pitch to chip the ball over the bar….again


1% said Terry Graham