Sunday Morning wake up with a slight headache from the children’s party the previous evening, get to the pitch & its turned into a Migraine, pretty much the whole defense decimated, excuses come thick & fast, "i’m suspended for a headbutt", "got a yellow card, because i’m scared of the swiss", "i’ve got to go to hospital for an operation" & the best, "I’m in bed with a box of tissues……watching a Rich Cowley home made movie"!

So we start the game with the bare 11, no subs, after a brief pre match chat, emphasizing the importance of warming up & to focus from the start, first 10 most important, PING, Andy B’s Hamstring go’s, 28 seconds into the game, on the back foot from the start, swiss are pressuring us, while we are just hoofing it out defense. 

A soft free-kick is giving away 10 yards out of our box, swiss player swings the ball in from the left, going through several players from both sides, bouncing through a couple of legs & dribbling into the bottom of our goal, 1.0 down, check my watch 9mins 57secs…….H commits suicide.

Wake up time, all of a sudden were playing the ball along the floor, triangles are appearing, people are shouting at the ref, we have woken up.

Basically the remanding 70 mins there was only one team that wanted to play football & one team that was stopping them from doing all means possible, From H in goal directing the back four, making saves when required & getting flattened several times, bouncing up telling everybody that he used to play aussie rules, to the wing backs of Andy B & Tony who kept there quick front players quiet for the remainder of the game, to midget loving Rich C who worked his little socks off up & down the wing covering every blade of grass, Joe on the left turning in & out terrorizing the defense, while getting kicked up in the air several times, apparently ref said he couldn’t see anything, your head kept getting in the way? Aiden (Skipper) & Scouse dominating the center of the park, intimidating the referee & making outstanding tackles that were penalized with free-kicks, Joe’s fault again, while up front Jeff & Hermod chasing every ball, missing open goals, just needed a bit of luck lads, some days just don’t go our way, on another day you would of both got hat-tricks.

But for playing not in their natural positions & starting every move by playing some outstanding football from the back, while defending against a quick & skillfull frontline,& nearly scoring from 30 yards out to boot, joint MOM, Nath & Rob.


I think those of you that played would agree we defo should of got something from this game, for the way we played, the spirit we had, lets keep this style of play going, from the start of the match hopefully next time.

We have played everyone in the league now, so we know all about division 1, traditionally we get stronger in the second half of the season, if that is the case & we pick up a couple of points where we know we should of, we can look at climbing the league with ease.

For those of you traveling abroad, have a good break, take it easy, catch up with you all back in the new year, for the remainder Friday night for the Spartans Christmas party @ Brew House, followed  by: