Well if you didn’t know it, you do now, over a period of many years now, we are not just learning to deal with the local style & temperament of play, indeed my card count puts me up there with the guilty of the frustrated, so I know how it feels on the pitch, but we have 9 more games against local teams where we need to control the things we can, mainly ourselves.

Unfortunately from the start of the game we were put under pressure, by not being prepared & making a basic mistake to allow a soft goal early on, this seemed to affect the rest of the team for an amount of time in the first half, where if Jay had done a session at training on how to control the ball with your teeth, we would of been fine, but simple 10 yard passes were going astray & we just couldn’t get any rhythm or control of the game, didn’t look good to watch.
What happened next was the reddist of red cards for a kung fu kick to the head, not a pink as the ref said at half time, but a red & luckily not a bloody red one, also luckily it was our own mancunian gollum, so no looks were lost, if it was our model Tom, I really would of kicked off, so Rob steps up & slots the ball passed the keeper to make it 1.1 & i’m thinking now were going to move forward were all wound up by there physco keeper & were going to make that wrong, right.

But we lost our concentration, we lost our focus of what we planned to do & got involved & used the positive energy of anger the wrong way, where we should of given them a lesson, we brought ourselves down to their level & got involved in a playground spat.

So we get to half time a make a couple of changes with Jake, who had been out all night till 7.30am being replaced by Tom, & Mehdi replaced by Ross on the right, we started off a bit better & in parts started moving the ball around a bit, but then from where I was standing Jay was arguing with his own shadow, something about a can of whoop arse & a good ball see’s an oxford player fly inside & finish well to put us on the back foot again 2.1 down.

We continued to try to play football, with Rob & Knowles getting hold of the midfield & creating chances for Jeff, while Ross was working well on the right side & delivering some fantastic balls which we really need to get on the end of going forward, Scottie & Bertie dealing with the long balls well & Olivier solid as ever on the left, Tom full of running & Jeff on another day would of scored at least one.

A couple more changes with Lionel on for Jay & Andy for Rick, we move to a 4.3.3 formation & push for the equaliser, which came in the reliable form of Knowles who smashed in from the area after some good pressure.

Surely we could go on now & get the winner, nope, the previous evening Lionel had stayed in with his new wii, which came with the a free game, WWF Smackdown & Lionel preceded to try a ‘tombstone piledriver ‘ that Hacksaw Jim Duggan would of been proud of, penalty 3.2 down, maybe go for the pro evolution next time mate?

So we tried in vain to again pull ourselves level, with Rory coming on and making an impact down the left, Andy trying to power his way through up front, but to no avail, our first defeat of the season had arrived.

To be fair, certain decisions certainly didn’t go our way in this game, with the Ref even admitting that the Goalkeeper should of been sent off, but that’s no use to us after the game.

What’s more frustrating is that all of their goals could of been prevented & giving 3 goals away in this league, is going to make any game difficult to get a result in, It’s still very early in the season & a few things need to be ironed out & they will be, with a few players coming back in, from either injury or new recruits & a couple of positional changes, early season teething problems are normal, we have a few games to get it together before we meet our rivals, I have no doubt we can achieve our goals & we will be fine.

Fantasy Points
Goal:Rob/Mike K
Clean Sheet: 
All on time.