In a time of fear and uncertainty, the small Village of Spartanville ’twas under a glamour of Blackness. The people of Spartanville had been under the Dark tyranny of the Dragons for over 2 summers and 3 Winters. Four times they had been to battle and 4 and twenty minus twenty times they had failed. But the time ’twas right for mere mortal men to stand tall and smote the Dragons. It ’twas ‘ere ye olde Lore and Legend of "The Lord of the Wings" "Twas at ye old time of before midday witching hour that ye Gallant men-folk of Spartanville strode manfully to vanquish their foes or die in the fight.







N.Chan, L.Maung, A.Wong, J.Lee 2

Not to be pertubed Spartans pushed on, their incessant chasing and harrying paying dividends when Alan Wong latched onto a woefully underhit back-pass to take it wide past the keeper. 3-0


Twas then a shocking moment befell the Spartans. Their Reliable stalwart and battle-hardened veteran Rick Ogden failed to clear a routine ball and an unlucky deflection fell kindly for Dragons to convert. 3-1


toe job


No sooner as the mocking cry from the Dragons of "Come on their heads are dropping!!" the droopy noggined Spartans lashed another courtesy of Sir Jason Lee-celot in at the far post. 4-1




HT. Spirited the Spartans returned to the battlefield, but over-confidence had dropped upon them like a cauldron of bubbling oil. The running and chasing gave way to nonchalance and ye Dragons doth took the game to Spartans. Yay a few half chances and a poorly dealt with corner, thus allowing unchallenged header alloweth the Dragons to convert. 4-2…tis’ game on methinks..


Tea for two

Swift replacements were brought in to bolster the rear-guard. Friar John Westerby and Marco Lee of Tuen Mun, on for King Keith Lee of the distant Towers of Tung Chung and Pauleth Hoy Knave of the Realm, shored up the left flank whilst Simon Fung the Bullheart and Bruce Lee of Lun added fresh hearts and legs to the fight. Twas from the arching boot of Marco Lee that Jason Lee managed to soar up and plant a solid header to finish the contest. 5-2



The curse had been broken and ye village of Spartanville had much merry making and rejoicing. The MOM went to the skipper for much running and a contender for Goal of the Season…. Lionel Maung…The Lord of the Wings.