Goals: Gabriel 2, Rob , Simon D, Jeff C


After two consecutive unconvincing displays Spartans returned to their very best on Saturday against an inform Hamsap.


Weeks like these you really don’t want to be a manager….by mid week we had a bare minimum available then a chorus of yes by Friday only at kick–off too have one reserve. With three players running late and five players pulling out in the last 24 hours it tested the managers mettle big time. And a few choice words were utter on the sidelines by the gaffa as the last minute pull outs came think and fast on such an important game for the season. 


In the end we started with the following Bertie in goals (I was kitted up until a change in the last 5 minutes), left back Steph, right back Islam with Thomas D and Jan being the pillars at the centre. Centre Midfield comprised of Mr Rose and Rob while on the left we had Joe and on the right Duff. Up front Saturday debutant Gabriel and Jeff Cantwell with the Thomas R our lone reserve at kick off and the gaffa of course if we got totally desperate. Running a tad bit late were Scotty and Knowlser but we happy to have numbers.


Our opposition only having two ex-spartans these days, comprised mainly of the infamous Spanish Indoor Team. However from kick-off note we dominated proceedings and it wasn’t long before a terrific corner from Jim Rose saw Rob head us home for the first. The second goal came from the right side free kick and Jeff was there to put us two nil up. At this stage we were totally controlling the game and it wasn’t long before Simon Duff long range curling shot found the back of the net to give us an impressive three nil lead with only 20 minutes gone.


With about five minutes remaining before the half time break an error at the back gave them a soft goal and we look to go to the break as 3-1 but Gabriel had other ideas. He was on hand with a cracking shot which bounced awkwardly for the keeper, finding it’s way in the back of the net for our fourth.


The second half was dour affair, Gabriel strike outside the box gave us our fifth and the Hamsap keeper no chance to save it. There was no way Hamsap was coming back on this one. A few changes were made and in the end the game pitted out with little cohesion from either side with a comfortable win for the Spartans.


Jimmy Rose had a terrific game as well as Joe and Steph on the left who fought very hard for every ball. Jan as solid in defence as usual and many thanks for Bertie who volunteered to go in goals for the team. Rob was at his sterling best in the middle of the park and Jeff Up front cause Hamsap loads of problems.


A commanding performance in the first half by everyone however two players stood out for mine and have given them a joint MOM for the first time I can remember. Gabriel who was outstanding in his debut and Tomas D who commanded the back line like an obsessed defender. Well done to both guys they had great games and I couldn’t split either of you.


Two matches to go for the title. Revo this week and USRC after the Rugby 7’s. We took a major step towards the title on Saturday however there are still two big games to go.