SPA – HKJC 11-8 (4-2 HT)


Jens (5)

Amit (4)

Joe (1)

Cowley (1)

(think that was the correct scorers)


A nine men strong Spartans rocked up on time at the correct venue (incl. Joe, Nathan).

After standing on our heels for the first five min we woke up and got our game rolling. Exciting game were we had the Jockeys most of the game. Despite seeing them come back to 5-5 and 8-8 from being 3 down.

          Steve. Had a great 1st half in goals, some better defending and he would have had clean sheet. Great debut!

          Charlie. Has heeled his knee with Placenta blood and is younger and smoother than ever. Rock solid in Defense.

          Cowley. Ran to WIS as a warm up and covered the full pitch throughout the game. Impressive

          Dan B. (Mr Ex Six-pack) Always important and give 110%

          Amit. Fantastic debut with quality finishing.

          Nathan. Played Sexy Football while being calm as a koala

          Joe. Looked like Linford Christie in his new slim fit top. Created chances and gave the Jockeys trouble. Also didn’t engage in tooo long conversations during play.

          Mike V. Good performance from Vera Brother. Physically fitter and was the Ref’s pick as MOM.

          Jens. Overworked and burned-out but got lighter foots and scored a Zlatan ‘kremmerhus’


I will skip my Ratings (1-6) this season and instead do the Players MoM voted up in the bar after the game.

Players MOM: Me


Improvement take out:     

We need to be more determined and get the ball out from our own box. Dancing on our heels passing 2 meters balls inside own box will punished us harder against better teams.


We really wanted to win and we WON