Match report v Macq in Touch (Oct 9th)

It’s hard to say precisely what happened in the first half as I spent most of it stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on Magazine Gap Road with Damo and Ben, but we weren’t too hopeful that we’d be on top in the match given that we only had four players at South Island. Oh ye of little faith… When we finally arrived just before half time and bolted up the stairs to offer what we thought would be much-needed re-enforcements (Damo and Ben deciding to warm up by running to the top of the school first instead), things were already well under Spartans control, and I had to do a triple take when I heard the score: we were 11-1 up!


Props to the opposition for giving us one of their players to make up the numbers, and boy did we make them pay for it, with Dashti, Coombes and especially late addition Dan B running amok.


We continued to play some nice football in the second half, with Ben banging in a hat-trick, but let in a few sloppy goals too to give the scoreline a hint of respectability for CA-CIB and their enormous squad. Overall, a really good win in challenging circumstances, with a couple of late dropouts and an HK-wide conspiracy to trap half the team in single-lane roads on The Peak. Big thanks to Dan B for answering the late call and turning in a great performance – hopefully we’ll see him regularly this season.


The next game v Macq in Touch will undoubtedly be a bigger test, and one where it will be particularly important to get the three points ahead of back to back games against title hopefuls Brunch Club and Dragages before the end of the month.