Goals: Jez, Nathan, Forlan, Varun

Our second cup game saw us with a huge squad at the ever popular Happy Valley. Thanks for everyone who came in last minute. In the end a mix up in communication between the managers saw us have to many. Apologies for this on our behalf. However, please make an effort for games that are further away.

On to the game. We start in farcical fashion with Sanj giving the team talk on the wrong pitch at halftime during another game.

We finally make it to pitch 2 in time for kick off starting with a 4 – 4 – 2 formation of Andy (G), Sanj (RB), Colin (CB), Jason E (CB), Terry (LB), Hao (RM), Mav (CM), Raul (CM), Ed (LM), Forlan (F) and Pat (F).

Soho totally dominate the 1st half from beginning to end. The defense is under no pressure at all apart from a free kick when Terry laid out one of their players and got a deserved booking.

We have almost ten corners with headers going wide from Ed, Forlan and Colin, Pat shoots wide as does Sanj from a long range effort. Although we have many chances and lots of possession we lack a cutting edge. However, Raul and Ed play very well. Pat runs out of steam after his fine wine and seafood lunch. Jez comes on for Pat just before half time. We still fail to score and go in at half time nil nil. 

The opposition is relatively weak and given the fact it is a cup game the gaffer decides to change the team completely to try and enforce a result making 6 changes at half time. The second half starts with the same formation but a different line up of Andy (G), Chi (RB), Dan (CB), Tony C (CB), Stef (LB), Varun (RM), Mav (CM), Raul (CM) Marc (LM), Forlan (F) and Jez (F). After a scary moment when their winger breaks free and shoots wide. We settle down and play some really good football with more cutting edge. Nathan comes on for Mav.

We then have a very good 20 minutes. Jez breaks the deadlock off Chi’s superb outside of the foot shot 1 – 0. Nathan has a mazy individual run going past 3 players and then belting in a long range effort that could well become goal of the season 2 – 0. George on for Raul. Forlan finishes well off Marc’s cross 3 – 0. Varun’s  shot come cross flies in and the opposition is finished 4 – 0. We finish the game with 3 up front as Marc settles in the middle of the park. Darkness descends and the ref blows the final whistle.

Everyone has a good run out and it was good to get a convincing win after 3 losses. (Nites + Soho)on the bounce. There were lots of very good performances. 

Final Score – Soho 4 – Japanese League 0

Man of the match – Ed for a solid performance on the left.

Mug of the day – Terry – do we need a reason?