Late report for this match due to….emm couldnt be arsed!
Bit of a mix up before the match in the Yorkshire Pudding, when I was instructed to collect a grey bag with some kit and an envelope in it, but the staff couldnt find it! turns out after many phone calls and Henry and Sanj helping out, I find out it was actuall an envelope addressed to Sanjoy I was meant to pick up! Anyway, Henry printed off a copy of the team sheet from his work office and things were sorted out!
We started of brightly with Tom, Knowlsey and Dave controlling things in midfield and Knowlsey coming close with a volley which just went over the bar. We were basically camped in the ABC half for most of the first half, with Cowley coming close on a few occassions and myself hitting one over the bar and their keeper making a good save from a diving header from me provided by a great cross by Dave from the right.
By now, the ABC team had figured out that they had to start cheating to get anything out of this game and to noise up some our players! They start to target Knowlsey dropping like flys anytime they were near him! Infact, the referee gave Knowlsey a yellow card and he didnt even see it when the Chinese guy threw himself up in the air and fell at his feet! We go off a half time wondering why we aren’t 3 goals up!
2nd half and changes are made; Jeff, Matt, Henry, Scott, Rick Man and Tony on. Hemant, Dan, Cowley, Knowlsey, Hao and Tom I think coming off!  We start brightly again having another few chances and Dave flying on the right and Scott up front, with Henry and Colin marshalling the defence.  With 15 mins to go we eventually break the dead lock, we actually their goal keeper did, after trying to clear the ball he slices his kick out and it spins into the net! 1 nil!
As time runs down another mix up with their defence, see the ball fall to myself and with and open goal I stick it away for number 2
MOM: Dave Povey
Yellow Cards: Knowlsey, Jeff A
Full time Soho 2 ABC Diving team 0