Playing on the nice astro pitch number 12 against Tottenham supports club we had a good solid squad featuring most of the regulars and one bloke sporting a rather dodgy tash.

Spurs only having 7 at kick off looked under the cosh from the start.

Starting with the following team:
GK: Dan Mc
D: Bertie & Andy H
M: Danny, Randy, NathanS: Joe

We started off brightly playing some good football knocking it around well and having the majority of the procession 2 nice goals from Randy which were well worked between everyone followed up by another nice 2 goals from Joe made it 4-0 at half time to us, playing pretty well in the first half we only looked threatened once or twice.

The 2nd half was a bit more scrappy with Nathan scoring the only goal to make it 5-0 and Spurs starting to act like little children with one of our players who resembled Freddie Mercury getting wound up by their cheating antics who politely on numerous occasions told them what he thought of them. On one occasion as Freddie was running near him the opposition player who resembled a small child was trying to kick Freddie doing bum kicks, quiet pathetic really.

With Dan Mc going up front and Bertie going in goals for the last 20 mins we had sewn up the game even if Bertie thought he was playing a central midfield goal rather than goal keeper trying to take 3 players on and getting the ball nicked off him by the first one.

A 5-0 win to Spartans we played well in patches but I think we know against the top 2 teams yet to play we are going to have to be more disciplined, interestingly we have conceded less goals than any other team and played more games than any other team so either our defence is great or the other teams are rubbish!

Also its getting  very close in scoring charts with Joe and Nick W even and Randy and Nathan not far behind be interesting to see who gets top scorer this season.

Well done guys 7 out of 7 and top of the table.