Game 4 saw us back in action at Happy Valley on the carpet astro.

Starting with the following line up: Jim, Ozzie, Joe, Rich, Nick, Nathan, Jens  we started well keeping the ball and dominating, Nick got the first goal with a belter from outside the area, and then added another from a lovely cross to make it 2-0 at half time.

2nd half and the floodgates opened with us scoring another 6 with some nice goals and some great headers. They knicked one back through a great shot to make the final score 8-1. Quiet a frustrating game with the opposition just sitting back all the time which didnt make it the most entertaining game but a win is a win and we are now 4 out of 4 and still top of the league.
Nick W 2
Joe 3
Jens 2
Natahan 1

Man of the match: Close one between Joe and Nick but I think I will just give it to Joe for being on time and for getting 3 goals, even if one was a deflection đŸ˜‰ 

Next game is in 2 weeks against a team that lost to the team we played tonight so lets try and get lots of goals in this game and build up the goal difference.