Our 3rd league match of the season saw us go top of the table after a 4-0 victory over the Incrediballs making it 3 wins out of 3 so far.

Playing on the astro next to the football pitch we decided to play 8 a side starting with the following formation:

GK: Dan Mc
Defence: Henry, Dan H, Mav
Midfield: Rossy, Dave P, Randy
Up front: Danny

On the bench: Nick W, Jens, newbie Henry, Joe

We start off brightly with the majority of the ball, knocking the ball around nicely, we take the first advantage with Randy making the most of a mix up at the back and some how getting the ball over the line. Although we were dominating we looked like they might nick one back on the break luckily they didnt. With Nick, Henry and Jens coming on, with Nick making an immediate impact scoring a goal to make it 2-0. Highlight of the first half was Jens getting taken out a few times by their American lass Kelsey much to the amusement of the bench and myself, because normally its Jens taking people out. 
The 2nd half sees us dominating some more with Rossy scoring a cracking volley from a cross and Jens scoring a belter with his left foot, after getting frustrated by being tackled by Kelsey, but the highlight of the 2nd half and in fact the game was Randy getting skinned in about a 1 meter area by Kelsey twice, after yours truly got abuse for getting skinned the last time we played them, it was nice to not be on the receiving end. 

In all fairness to the Incrediballs even though we had the majority of the ball they got all their players behind the ball and made it very hard for us to play at one point they had all 8 players in the last 3rd of their half.

Well dont to everyone that played everyone was solid and special thanks for Dan Mc for being in goal, hard to pick a man of the match but for his beautiful volley I think I will give it to Rossy who played well and played some intelligent football. 

1 each for Jens, Nick W, Rossy and Randy

Top of the league boys, lets stay up there!