With only 7 players at the pitch at kick off time we have the strong starting line up of Bertie in goal, Mav and Oz at the back, Rich, Vigan and Jens in the mid and Bruno up front. With reinforcements on the way in the form of Dave, Nick and Randy we started well and controlled the game. We were playing a team who had won both previous games and were second in the league and currently 2nd in the league so far, but with such a strong team we had high hopes. 
Bruno got on the score sheet first with an excellent shot in the bottom of the corner, yours truly didnt even see it go in because it was hit with such venom. Vigan, Bruno and Jens are totally controlling the game at this moment and through out the whole game really just passing it around like casually with out looking to threatened. After 15 mins Nick comes on for Rich and Dave on for Oz much to Randys disgust (apologies Randy). We go 2-0 up through some nice play, but after our Aussie at the back decides to go on to many walk abouts near the other end of the pitch like mick dundee they nick a goal back to make it 2-1. We get another 2 goals before half time to make it 4-1.

2nd half much the same but with Bertie swapping for Mav in goal, with the strike force controlling the game and scoring some excellent goals to many to mention but there was some beauty’s from Nick and Bruno. Like a sex starved man, but only being a outfield deprived man now that he has to play in goal for Sundays, Bertie who is suppose to be at the back plays more of a attacking role much to the bemusement of the Aussie between the stick and myself who just couldn’t be arsed to shout at him anymore, so in a tactical move Aussie came at the back and Bertie with his pace went on the right wing.

Joe in his traditional late manner played the last 20 mins or so but at least he had an excuse as he did just come back from sunning himself in the flipa land. Joe also managed in his short appearance to wind up the other team, give himself a dead leg and get elbowed in the face (well done Joe). 

All in all we were way to strong for this team which I thought would of provided us with a tougher challenge but in all fairness to them our pushing up the pitch they caught us on the break and scored 3 good goals, against a better team we will need to not be so complacent as it could cost us more. Also their keeper was pretty decent and if was not for him it prob would of been more like 15 goals. 

The score was 10 – 3.

Nick W 6
Bruno 3
Jens 1

Man of the match very close one between Bruno, Nick, Oz and Vigan but I think I will just have to give it to Nick for some excellent goals and shooting on sight.