Game 11 of the season saw us playing C Prefix for the second time in the season.

Starting with what I thought was 10 but what was actually 9 as Randy decided to casually walk over after the kick off even though he lives a stones throw away from the ground. We start with the following team:


GK: Sam

D: Andy H,Woddy

M: Danny,Jens, Nathan 

S: Joe


We start well but C prefix defended deep and made it hard for us to breakthrough. After 15 mins Danny Hunt with a great strike took us up 1-0. Danny who caused them loads of trouble running through the centre of midfield played excellently all game with some great shots that didnt quiet materialise. One of their players number 26 who ended up becoming best mate with Woddy and most of the other players by barging people off the ball, but when Joe did he he got a free kick against him. Woody (reminding me of Bertie but not as bad) bounded up the pitch at every possible opportunity trying to get into his more familiar role of centre mid. Catching us on the break with what ended up being a 4 on 1 they slipped the ball past Sam to make it 1-1. One of the highlights of the 1st half was Dan Harrisons first ever goal for the Spartans and what a goal it was, teeing it up to end up looking like it would end up in the viewing gallery at happy valley race course, Dan hit it sweetly off the cross bar and across the line with the keeper well beaten.


The second half  was alot better with the other team getting tired. Everyones best mate Mr elbows 26 this time nearly got in a scrap with Andy before being put in goal. Goals were flowing in during the second half straight away from the kick off with a deflection from Rossys shot going in, Rossy who was having a stormer looking very cool and calm on the ball. Goals then started to flow with Danny getting a lovely goal flicking the ball around about 2 defenders as if they were not even there Zidane style. Rossy got a belter with a low drive, Jens added to the tally and Nathan finished everything off. 


The 2nd half was alot better and we dominated them playing much better football and our fitness showed over theirs. 


Some great performances. Sam with some good saves looking solid as always. Andy H in defence was sold with some bone crunching tackles. Woody played well taking a while to adapt to the playing surface whilst giving the bench a running commentry about it. Dan H, great first goal and he now has 1 more than last seasons top scorer, yours truly, but the less said about that the better. 


Rossy was solid and played excellent one of the stand outs of the night, Nathan, Jens and Joe as always were solid and the rocks of the team even if Joe didnt score, first time for everything I guess as Joe has been on fire this season and cant wait for Nick Wheatley to come back and challenge him, isnt that right Joe? 


And finally the man of the match Danny played a stormer and proved that he deserved to be centre mid causing headaches for the opposition running from the centre of the pitch. 


Great result. Played 11 won 10 drawn 1. we still have to play the top team but watch this space as it can only be a matter of time, when it does happen I hope that you will all make yourself avaliable. 




Danny 2 

Rossy 2

Jens 1

Nathan 1

Dan H 1