Goals: Jan, Jens.


A mild day we turned up with only 12 to pretty horrendous valley pitch, more dirt than grass with puddles of water everywhere. As more players were still making their way to ground with heavy traffic , I was trying to put the team together in a game which meant little in terms of anything other than 3 competition points for a league we already won.


Kick-off and game was fairly scrappy, the best chance fell to Kamel who scuffed it wide. However apart from some half chances for Jens and Medhi we looked fairly static in their final third. However JLeaguers rarely threaten our defence and our midfield was certainly on top. As the half drew to a close more players arrived however we couldn’t find way to score and we went to the break all square.


JLeaguers came strong after the break and in a fairly mixed up and average play on the left saw a long shot from an actue angle which somehow managed to find the back of the net. JLeaguers celebrated wildly and it was pretty clear at this point they were well up for the match.


A few changes here and there and we came back strong with the Norwegian connection up front inspiring  the win. The first goal was combination of power play and determination in a scrappy goal, with Jan bulldozing the ball in the back of the net taking a few Japanese guys with him. The second and winning goal five minutes later saw several people lining up for the header but Jens was there to power it home.


With minutes remaining Kamel had the best chance to score his debut goal on a clear run from half way line however their keeper did well to save it. The whistle blew and was a much deserved win in tough conditions. The footie wasn’t the most attractive however the job was done, with a host of players away and injured it was a good win. The weeks ahead look tough with a host of first choice players away we will need to show some of this resolve and determination if we are going to do the double.