Goals: Briggs, Rich Cowley 2, Steve G

A good turn out in the heat (no fines) and some warm ups beforehand we were ready to take on newcomers Men Utd who have had a reasonable start in the league.
Being short defence wise I decided to take on a new 3-5-2 formation, with host of midfielders we looked the goods early on. When a Steve G corner was whirled in Briggs made excellent header to give us a deserving lead. A defence missed header and before we knew it we were leveled. This prompted Briggs outburst that we had enough of 3 defender system and requested a change to more familiar formation was implemented. The new formation lasted all of 20 minutes. In any case we still had the better of the play and some excellent inter play with Chris and Medhi saw Richard hit home our second in a nice goal.
Half time and Jens also had enough and went to the showers early for a well earned extended break. The game was still up for grabs but we were playing well. When another good move and Richard got us our second, we were in cruise control. Changes abound and before we knew it a slight nudge from Men United player got them open in goals to put us in precarious 3-2 situation. From this point on we were in self destruct mode, they actually looked like scoring and again a dubious challenge saw them equalize with about 10 minutes to go. This resulted in “subtle” outburst by Mikey who came very close to his marching orders, where doing well with the refs this year.
It was then where I was truly worried the season was on the line. Draw would have been huge loss given the position we were in the game. A big chance by Dimitri who could have been a hero but unfortunately he scuffed it well wide….maybe next time. However when an initially mistake by Briggsy saw Men Utd player running towards goal on his own I thought the worst that we could actually lose the game!!! Briggsy however had other ideas and when he put the turbo jets he hunted the opposing player like a dog to make one of the most crucial tackles of the game.
As the game winded down and draw looking likely up step Mr Gordon to take a corner kick…..a drifted corner kick heading towards the back post floated into the net instead clearly it was intentional…really who cared it was such a crucial goal. With only minutes left I was telling everyone including a disbelieving Randy to get in defence. A few tense moments and the win was our…more relief than jubilation as silence hit the murky waters of Sandy Bay.
A win is a win and we certainly made it hard for ourselves. A lose would have been disastrous. Were able to put the goals in but we really need to tighten things in the defence, 4 games gone and we have conceded 10 goals is worrying times. In saying that Briggsy was outstanding and once again just pipped Richard for the Man Of Match honours.