We looked forward to the meeting with Goodfellas quietly confident of getting a good result against the League leaders with a strong squad of Saturday regulars bolstered with some of the best players at the club who were signed to the Saturday cause late in the week.

Yeah well, forget that it made no difference, as guys turn up late with lame excuses. We start with our usual 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 formation but with some players playing in the wrong positions (Leandro, Andy, Dan, Mike V, Stef, Rory, Jay, Knowles, Adam, Rob, Randy. We had Jeff, Forlan, Erik, Jeremy and Pablo on the bench.

We only had a light warm up and Goodfellas sensed they could get the result they needed and wrap up the game in fifteen minutes. They had all the play, rained in shot after shot and had several corners. We were in a collective coma and did dreadfully. They score a strange soft goal that seems to be passed in from 30 yards after a mistake at the back and also have a goal ruled out for offside. I thought we would have got a hiding.

However on the fifteen minute mark we improved Jeff and Forlan on up front. Pablo on for Andy at the back. Jeremy on in midfield. We now command the play for the next fifty minutes. A brilliant pass from Jeff finds Adam who finishes superbly to get us a deserved equalizer. Jeremy who comes on shortly after almost scores another with his first touch. We continue to dominate and like the game against Mes we have impact from the bench. Pablo is decisive and strong at the back, Jeremy makes threatening runs and Jeff and Forlan look especially deadly up top. 



In the second half we continue in the same vain. Once against Jeremy almost scores with his first touch of the second half. Randy and Rob come on into midfield and both do brilliantly. They both win every challenge and Rob plays some great balls down the left. What is excellent is the our passing game kicks in. We outplay Goodfellas in every department. Unfortunately another mistake at the back costs us a goal and then go 2 – 1 up against the run of play. 


Luckily for us Jeff and Forlan keep going and some good work from Jeff gets and opening which Forlan slots in to get us back at 2 – 2. Erik comes on for the last fifteen mins and makes a good debut with some nice touches. We are unlucky not to win and Goodfellas hang on for dear life.


The reality is that our squad can beat anyone in the league on our day. However, the reason that we didn’t win in my humble opinion is that we started badly and this was  because we didn’t warm up properly and think about the game with the right attitude.  Let’s get to games on time and warm up properly we can’t just turn up in this division and expect to win. We’ve let ourselves down let’s not do it again.


El Grande Man of the Match : Adam Thompson, Stef close behind


Manager’s man of the match : Rob Dixon had an excellent second half as did Randy, Pablo came on and did well. Adam scored a great goal, Stef was outstanding at the back. Forlan scored a great goal and was constant threat. However, I’ll go for Jeff for his composure, strength and two excellent assists (Clint Dempsey would be proud)