With a win required by the gaffer who was in Mumbai for a 3 day extravaganza for an ex Spartan Varun’s big day(s).  We saw an overwhelming response to play but in the end we capped the squad at 16 for the game as Stef & Jay were filling in to run it on the day. Was going to be a tight match and challenging making the subs from the pitch.  We had a nice turn out with Forlan back from a hamstring injury and Bruno back in the line-up pairing upfront together (having both upfront gave us two nice attacking forwards-no discounting any other forwards in the club).  Both played for the 2nd time together and had a splendid day making runs and linking up.  We also had Rory back from a surgery he had recently, Jim Rose making his Saturday debut for this season along with Jack and Adam making their 2nd Spartan appearances.  In the end we had very strong team for the day.


We started off with a solid 4-4-2 with Dan M. in goal from left to right Stef/Bertie/Jay/Mike V anchoring the back Adam P/Randy/Rob/Jeremy in the middle and Bruno/Forlan upfront.   On the touchline we had Jim, Leandro, Matt, Rory, and Jack ready to go. Was a slow start to the game overall with the heat and both teams feeling each other out.  We had some periods of dominant possession and good building from the back.  Early chances saw us have the better of play and we quickly went up.  Some nice runs and movement off the ball coming from the left with Stef and Adam linking up and we looked dangerous with a few quick breaks from Adam getting a hold of the ball and getting into the middle/final 3rd of the pitch.  We were moving the ball in spells very well and finding Bruno and Forlan with providing a few good opportunities.  The work rate by everyone on and off the ball was pretty high from our end and our pressuring them when they had it.  So there are no complaints with our commitment to grab these 3 points.  Everyone got a chance to step on and realize that some did not get at least half a game.  Overall Stef and I tried our best and to make sure everyone could get involved and get a run out.



The game in sum saw Bruno get another hat trick and net 3 goals,  Forlan with one, and Rob with one.  On the assists were Forlan with 2, Adam with 1, Randy claimed 1, and one of the goals was capitalizing on one of their mistakes.  Both of their goals came on set pieces and a poor job of us getting a clean opportunity to clear the ball out of danger.  Apart from a few other chances in drips and drabs on this day we had the better team with run of play and deserved the 3 points.  It really is a great step forward in climbing up the table with back to back wins (currently residing in 4th with having a buy week whilst other play).  Let’s keep this momentum up with coming up to a week off and a nice little break.  We need to keep focus and continue to maintain our cool in these games like we have as of late and we are starting to play some better ball all around.  I’d say over the past few games and the quality we have had out this is some of the better ball I have seen since I have been with the Spartans.



Man of the match:                        Great overall team involvement and performance – all guys

Mug of the day:                            Irish guy from the other team speaking in a language that nobody could understand

Quote of the weekend:               "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever"