Goal: Steph.


In a glorious Saturday afternoon we took on our bogie team for the last few season Revolution. Playing at the Aberdeen pitch is always a leveler although this time there was a cover of grass on it although it didn’t make it any easier to play.


The first half resembled Ariel ping pong with little cohesive efforts from either team. We actually played some decent football in spurts but the howling wind against us didn’t help our cause. Our best chance came midway through the first half where we should have really gone one nil up. A cross from the left from Steph somehow was missed by Joe header before Scotty skied over the bar only 6 yards out. Other than a nice shot from Aidan which hit the post there was little else to talk about.


Second half we got our passing game in order and we really started to dominate Revolution. We created several chances one of the best was between Seb and Joe which somehow we missed with only the keeper to beat. Stevie Yeung also had a great chance hitting it wide along with Aidan. As the minutes ticked away we became more anxious to get the goal, one comedy moment saw Bertie and Steph fighting to take a free-kick, flash backs of Drogba and Ballack show.


With only 10 minutes to go and all out attack we threw caution to the wind and played three at the back. Steph playing an uncustomary role as striker receives the ball from some good lead up work from Seb in the 12 yard box. Steph swivels past the defender like a natural born striker and calmly slots the ball in the back of the net to the huge celebrations on the side line. A well deserved goal and an important one at this stage of the season.


Everyone played well. Defence was solid with Bertie and Thomas D outstanding centre pair along with Scottie and Steph providing both defensive an attacking flair on the flanks. Midfield was marshaled well with Jim Rose, Aidan and Seb and always had Revo’s measure.  Out wide Steve Yueng and Matt both played well with both having shots which tested the keeper. Adam and Nick also having excellent games on the right. Up front Joe fought for everything and had a strong game and no doubt deserved a goal for his efforts. A rewarding win in the end and a valuable 3 points.


MOM: Seb for his outstanding play in midfield and attack.