A short match report below. We start with the usual 4-5-1 formation to help us cover the wide pitch against a quality side who beat us 2 – 1 at the start of the season. Thanks to everyone who made the long journey. It’s great that we got a good side out considering the distance, clash with 5s/Vets and terrible weather. Very pleasing for the gaffer. Late cry offs for injuries to Knowlesey, Chi and Skurno. In come Henry Vera, Andy Beaumont and Woody (thanks guys). 
Starting line up:

Josh (G), Andy (RB), Woody (CB), Colin (CB), Leandro (LB), Miles (RM), Jay (CM), Oli (CM), Adam (LM), Willie (CM), Paddy (F)


Jeff, Henry, Sanj, Matt, Matteo

We start pretty well especially as Adam and Paddy combine to score one of our quickest goals in history as Paddy slots in the opener on the five second mark! From here on in we gather momentum and pile on some pressure. Paddy headers over, shots come in from Oli, Jay, Willie and Adam. We do very well for 15 minutes and Jay gets a few corners. The opposition are rattled and cope with our intensity, formation and probably the weather. However from the 20 minute mark they start to look threatening causing a few hairy moments at the back especially down the flanks. However, to our credit our back five handle the pressure very well and all put in very good performances. The half finishes with us still 1 – 0 up. I thought everyone battled well especially when we lost our shape a little. What’s pleasing for me is that even if we don’t play well as individuals we continue to work hard. We are not a "precious" team and it shows. Everyone who plays us gets a hard game and we are not a soft touch.

Captain Jay makes a brilliant speech at half time. I’d imagine its like one that his hero… cough… John Terry might make.

We make some changes with Henry on for Oli, Jeff on for Willie and Matt on for Leandro. Matteo also comes on for Paddy a little later on.

The second half is a tough affair the opposition really work hard. We have a few chances but we are under a lot of pressure. It’s such a big pitch and chasing people is hard. Although the subs do well collectively we tire a little. However, we show our character and dig deep. We have a few chances but most of the play is driven by Dry Martini. Josh makes some very good saves and Colin is outstanding at the back. However after 10 minutes we make a mistake and let them in to equalize. We keep on fighting and the game finishes 1 – 1.

Dry Martini were 2nd and us 3rd. A very hard fought game by both sides. If we show that kind of character we will not get beat that often for the rest of the season.

Great performances from Andy B, Miles for constant running, Adam, Oli, Colin and Paddy who got the goal. In fact very good performances from everyone. However, my Man of the Match goes to Jay for his blood and guts display.


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