After having an army of 20 people for the game one by one they kept dropping out leaving only 13 people on the day, luckily the quiet American Mr Gresko whos steady flow of coffee dates has sky rocketed after he discovered a new iphone ap and the gaffer stepped into help out to make it 15.

When we arrive we are meet by the sight of Willy on the other team and Oli who advised us on the fact that they were very fast, thanks for that Oli.

We start with the following formation:
GK: Dan Mc
Defence: Dan H, Colin, Pablo and Paul T
Midfield: Jeff, Chi, Jay and Oli
Up top: Pat and Rich

Plan of attack playing on a small pitch is drop deep and hit them on the break.

We start brightly with Dan hitting a high ball up to see Rich run onto it from the advancing keeper and send it wide, Pat then gets stuck in and nicks the ball off their goal keeper and defender and then slots it in the back of the net after some hard work. 

Oli then puts a lovely over the top ball for Rich who then lobs the on coming keeper to send us 2 – 0 up after about 25 mins. 

The defence are playing really well with them clearing balls and getting stuck in and although there pace looked treating at times they couldnt seem to find the net, difference i in the first half was that we took our chances, they didnt we go into the half time 2-0 up with everyone playing well and doing exactly what I asked them to.

Half time Willy comes on for Chi, Pat in goal for Dan, and we try and switch to a 4-5-1 with Rich in the midfield but it does not really work so we revert back to 4-4-2. 

After about 15 mins Rich plays a ball through to Dan Mcardle who finishes nicely with a left foot volley to make it 3-0, roll on the other subs with Nav, Ian and Skuno coming on and playing well. All is not done though and looking threating the whole game they nick one back with 10 mins to go to make it 3-1 at the end.

A great game all round, after the first 5 mins I honestly thought we were going to lose as they were quick and nippy, but they didnt play like a team and didnt really create many shots, Pat and Rich and Dan when he came on had there defence at six and sevens and they couldnt handle the over the top ball. Defence was outstanding today with Dan Harrison keeping his calm after power driving some Chinese guy to the floor only 24 hours earlier in a Soho to receive a red card, midfield played well with Jay and Oli combing well and Pat and Dan up top doing their bit and getting a goal and playing well in goal, with Pat making a cat like save which was brilliant. 

Man of the match is a hard choice but I think I am just going to have to give it to the 2 brave heart warriors at the back of Colin and Pablo very solid and Colin even skinned a guy getting the ball out, great stuff.

Well done lads positive stuff 2 out of 3 so far lets win the next one as well.