Game 7 of the league saw us travel to the other side of Hong Kong, Tai Po to play on maybe the largest pitch in Hong Kong.

Having around 4 – 5 players drop out before the game we were down to 13 players with Jeff just making the kick off to give us 11 and Chi and Tony C running late we just made it onto the pitch with 11.

The gaffer was left scratching his head with mainly defenders to choose from so we had to mix things up a little bit.



Starting with the following formation:

Gk: Leandro

Defenders: Colin, Pablo, Mike, Terry

Midfield: Ean, Henry, Paul Jeff

Up top: Rich & Sanj


Lining up against the opposition who had an average of around 24, our team were slightly on the older side with an average ago of around 38, so playing on a big pitch we had to use everything we had.


We started brightly and kept the ball well, having alot more time than we often thought with such a big pitch. After about 20 mins the ball was played through to Henry who did a great job of crossing it from the by line over 2 defenders right to Rich who headed it past the goalkeeper to make it 1-0.

With our 2 subs raring to go, mike and Ean went off and Chi and Tony C came on. Jeff took a nasty blow and had to hobble off with a dead leg.


Half time we went in 1-0 and I thought we never looked that treated, they kept the ball quiet well but didn’t do a whole lot with it.


2nd half and Leandro came out with Henry going in goal. The 2nd half saw them pressing more, with Rich dropping back into Centre mid alot more and Sanj holding the ball up very well up top, Sanj who had a good game considering he was still recovering from food poisoning after a trip to India but said that he caught it in Hong Kong, or so he claims! 


Pressing us all the time they some how out burnt our defence and nicked one to make it 1-1. Backs to the wall time with people starting to flag playing on such a big pitch, after conceding 4 corners in a row there didn’t seem to be much let up and relief was shared all around when the final whistle went. As Paul said, it was real dads army stuff as everyone dug in deep.


A 1-1 was a fair result although it was a bit annoying to concede that goal, we could of won but they defiantly had a lot more pocession of the ball.


My man of the match goes to Henry, who once again proved himself playing a great game, going in goal, going off injured and then coming back on, a true Spartans legend.