What a Sunday. Great weather and an all round excellent display at the tricky Boundary Street pitch against a team placed 3rd in our division. The weather was pretty muggy and the pitch watered so it was going to be a hard runout for us. We revert back to the 4-5-1 formation that has served us well of late with the following squad.
Sanju, Stef, Colin, Leandro, Terry, Adam, Tom, Cowley, Jay, Jeff, Patrick

Subs: Willie, Oli, Matt

We start the game the more composed of the two teams and early on Tom gets two shots in which both go wide. The back four look very strong and dominant and their is plenty of flair in the midfield.
At the twenty minute mark Cowley makes a great run down the left and crosses perfectly to Adam who finishes brilliantly to make it 1 – 0. It was an excellent goal and we frustrate the opposition for the rest of the half and go into the break ahead. Nothing much needs to be said at half time. We know we need to keep up the good work.

The second half is a much more open and exciting game than the 1st half but once again we dominate everything. The defense is absolutely rock solid. We build on this and the midfield is full of action. Jeff slides in many times to make tackles. I have no idea how he will explain the carpet burns. Adam looks very dangerous on the right but Clarke Kent turns into the hulk as he gets a few hits in and gets booked. The gaffer has to get him to swap wings to calm him down. Jay "how to lose friends and alienate people Gresko" has all the drama. He puts in some big hits, fantastic passes and totally winds up the opposition. Tom continues to play really well and gets a little run in the hole late on. Cowley is absolutely outstanding breaking from midfield. His pace and stamina are too much for the opposition but he also has some clever touches too. Willie and Oli come on for Jeff and Patrick and both do really well. Tom then crosses from a more forward position and Cowley volleys in to make it 2 – 0. Stef hits the post again from a free kick for the second time in a weekend. Finally Jay crosses for Cowley who scores to make it 3 – 0. Game over the points are in the bag!

Man of the match:

Jay G, also he provides some comedy moments by throwing the ball on of the opposition’s head. Celebrating in front of their bench and fans after the 3rd goal and finally bag carrying for random people in the mtr station.

Mug of the day:

Patrick for various reasons

A very good win guys!

Strength & Honour
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