Our 1st League game of 2012 saw us pitted against near top of the league Lamma, who we have played us several times before including one memorable match which we lost 7 – 2 at Kings Park. Given we had so many late drop outs were left with the bare 11 below and we had to put together a makeshift 3 – 5 – 2 formation.

Sanju (G)

Patrick (RB)

Scott (CB)

Leandro (CB)

Dan (CB)

Nick (LB)

Tom (CM)

Aidan (CM)

Willie (F)

Jay (CM)

Cowley (F)

We start the game in a well assured manner and retain the ball well. After ten minutes Cowley makes a fine run and serves up an excellent cross that Willie fires in to make it 1 – 0! The finish and move were superb and the opposition are rocked. Aidan then shortly after this has a mazy run and shot. We said before the game that we would have to impose ourselves on the opposition and on the 20 minute mark Jay sums this up with a thunderous tackle on one of their players who is left in heap after Jay wins the ball cleanly. He stays down for a long time and gets up rather gingerly. Willie then almost returns the favour to Cowley with a hallmark excellent run and cross which the little man headers wide. Dan later blocks a free kick bravely and Aidan and Cowley get more shots in. At half time we should be at least 2 – 0 up and I think everyone was very confident considering how well we played. No subs available so we load up on energy drinks and get on to the second half.


We get a corner early and Aidan has a long shot which is saved. Fifteen minutes into the half they score and its 1 – 1. On 18 minutes Sanju makes a great save to stop them going ahead. To our credit heads don’t go down and we keep going. Jay’s free kick is deflected for a corner. Aidan has a shot saved before Cowley uses his pace and carves himself a great opportunity before blazing over after electing for power. Cowley then has a another shot shortly after. Then possibly the moment of the game. Patrick wins a tackle and then uses his power and pace, drives forward to the buy line before crossing perfectly to Cowley who headers in brilliantly to make it 2 – 1. Yes you read it right it was a Cowley "header". We are really pumped up and think we’ll snatch a win with ten minutes to go. Then some controversy. Patrick is hurt and we kick the ball off. The bad sportsmen of Lamma use the subsequent throw to get their equalizer. What a bunch of *€“#s.

However, Tom who hurt his back and was put upfront to hide but then headers wide which should have been the winner. In the dying moments Dan M headers against our own woodwork and Leandro is sent off for a second yellow. It finishes level at 2 – 2. We were unlucky not to win in a blood and guts display. Our defense was rock solid, our midfield trio were superb, Pat and Nick worked very hard on the flanks and showed great fitness. Willie and Cowley upfront always looked dangerous. Sanju also played very well…. Who needs subs eh. Onwards and upwards for 2012!

Man of the match : Jay for an allround fantastic display on his league debut.

Mug of the day : Patrick for his sound effects.


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