match report below & video higlights on youtube
Saturday night under the lights at Happy Valley was the venue for an interesting encounter to see if Soho could continue the push up the league. The opposition were above us in the table and the omens were not good given a wide array of hangovers from the night before, several players with very little warm up; not to mention a lunar eclipse. Hence we decide to start in a defensive 4-5-1 formation that had served us well from the weekend before where we got two wins. The starting line up is as follows:


Sanju Man to Man (G)
 Stef I Only Had a Few (LB)
 Dan Get Some (RB)
 Leandro Steak (CB)
 Colin Deep Fried Mars Bar (CB)
 Willie Ironbrew (LM)
 Aidan Artful Dodger (CM)
 Tom The Team First (CM)
 Adam Clarke Kent(CM)
 Nick Lights Out (RM)
 Kung Fu Pat (F)
Subs: Cowley Hobbit, Chi Haggis, Dave Ta Chinese Beckham, Rick Man Jerry Maguire
After 2 minutes Mansfield (cough) gets a chest on target for our first chance. They break free soon after and Tom makes a tackle in box to break up a dangerous move from the opposition. Colin then hits an outstanding free kick which is saved. Then some bad news as Leandro pulls a hamstring after an awkward landing. He comes off for Chi who goes into midfield. Tom then helps the gaffer out by going to right back. Sanju pulls off a great save and then Aidan has a cross which is saved at the other end.
 To finish off the half Pat has a moment great skill when he controls a long ball and lays it off to Nick on the right like a Berbatov of old (at Spurs when he was good).
The First Half was a scrappy affair and the ball was pinging around everywhere. However, we held on against a good team and we are felling that we can nick a goal in the second half to win the game as the opposition tire out. Dave comes on the right for Lights Out.
 Sanju (Man to man) makes three excellent saves in quick succession. This looks like it going to be a tough half before they make it tougher with a header and its 1 – 0 to them. We thought we’d get back into in when Stef (fresh from the night before) takes a brilliant free kick which is tipped over. The keeper is flattened in the process and needs treatment which wastes valuable time. Then a mix up with Sanju, its 2 – 0 we have a mountain to climb. Rick Man on for Chi and Cowley on for Pat. Willie gets a chance and shoots over. Cowley then breaks free and hits the post. Cowley gets another effort in and Willie misses another. In five minutes we should have been back in the game but we are still 2 – 0 down. Stef then puts in another free kick and Dan has a header which goes wide. Aidan shoots over and Willie misses again. Really disappointing not to get anything out of the game but they edged it to be fair. We played some good football in the second half and will put other teams away with ease.
Notable performances: Sanju, Cowley, Aidan.
Man of the match : Colin excellent all round game defending, passing and free kicks.
Mug of the day : Willie for some misses. Better luck next time.
Thanks for everyone who came to the game and the ten or so who went to the pub after.
Merry Christmas, see you all soon for beers
Strength & Honour