Another match on the nice astro at Po Kong Village against a new team in the league.

We have a squad of 15 and started with the following: JimR (GK), Stef-Michael-Colin-SteveY, Ed-Tom-Adam-Nick, Patrick-Karen

On the bench: Chi, Sunny, Shaan, DavidM.

We start brightly controlling the game with nice passing, Tom and Adam using their height to impose themselves on midfield while we attacked downt he flanks. Karen nearly opened the scoring with a first time chip off a lofted pass, the ball narrowly going wide with the keeper off his line. Good pressure saw us win lots of corners/throw ins/free kicks in dangerous positions however we failed to capitalise and got caught offside on numerous occasions. Ed came close with a volley outside the box as did header from Tom that crossed from one side of the goal to the other and out, Patrick should have shot first time in the box when unmarked.

As the half wore on the opposition resorted to diving, screaming and wasting time with feigned injuries

Half time changes Karen for DavidM with the latter going right back, SteveY right wing and Nick up front.

10 mins in we switched the wingers with Chi & Shann on for Nick and Ed with Tom going up front and SteveY into centre mid.

More time wasting from the opposition with their players collapsing to the floor like they were a team of freedom fighters playing in a Tripoli park under sniper fire and the ref was giving every call to them. Some chances near the end went begging and some wasted corners going behind the goal. Near the end Patrick off for Shaan. The ref blew up and it ended nil-nil.

A very frustrating match, we failed to take our chances and missed the opportunity to go back to the top of the league. We are now 3rd, 2pts off the tied 1st/2nd team however we still have to play them so still there challenging for the title.

Apologies for those that did not get a long run out, however it was a tight game, the oppositino user every opportunity to waste time and run down the clock and the refs blew up bang on 70mins with no extra time even though we had 10 mins of pitch use left.

1 yellow card I believe – Karan?