lots of rain however the soon to be renovated Shek Kip Mei swampy grass pitch was still open. Right outside some Police training buildings it was no surprise to see a few of the younger force players lining up for the opposition.
1 sub, Raul running a bit late gave us a starting 11 playing 4:4:2 of Andy GK, left to right, Stef, Colin, TonyC, Sanj, Ed, Varun, Henry, Hao, Patrick and MarcD. We started well soaking up some presure and hitting them on the break, we were winning plenty of corners and throwins in dangerous places. With the ball randomly slowing down in puddles we had plenty of chances to intercept the ball and keeping out passing simple and short we were able to keep the ball.

Against the run of play they scored 2 goals from nowhere with the half blowing up shortly after. Raul on at half time for Hao with Varun moving to the wing and Raul in midfield, Stef and Ed switched positions to give us fresh legs down the flank. We continued where we left off, having most of the possession although Young Guns did have a few breaks. A blatant hand ball in the box was awarded for once however Raul pinged the ball off the bar and no-one was there to follow up. Shots were flying in from all areas with Marc hitting 2 off the bar and one off the post, Raul went at the keeper and the wrong side of opposing posts, Patrick had a couple run wide and slid in for one only to see if spin out off the post.

Another 2 goals after lapses at the back left us 4-nil down wondering how we were losing to a team like this.  Some feisty challenges from the midgets in the opposition caused the game to break down a bit, the highlight being when one ommpa lumpa hugging Patrick’s foot got shaken off and decided to take a swing, debatable if he ever made contact but Raul decided it was worthy of a reply. Stef meanwhile was delivering a perfect cross on to Patrick’s head however the whistle blew up shortly before the ball rocketed into the back of the net.

We look forward to the rematch against our fellow relegation contenders, this league is though and we have to take our chances against teams like this.