starting lineup 4:4:2 although Leandro is still getting dressed on the sidelines however the opposition only have 7 players….


Joe (GK), Sanj-DanH-Sean-Leandro, Stef-Tom-Jeff-Cowley, Adam-Miles



some highlights:


5mins Leandro nice cross for Stef but his shot does not test the keeper.

7mins – Stef cross, Jeff missed header. Cowley in box score 1-nil

8 mins Cowley breaks down the right, puts a low cross (more likley shot) Jeff  slots in 2-0

17mins Joe comes out to clear but the ball is outside the box, fails to clear and a comedy moment (only because we won) collides with leaving their striker to run behind and guide the ball into the back of the net  2-1 mug of the day candidates #1&2

18 mins Miles has a long range shot


20 mins Cowley again down the right crosses and Adam latches on to the ball 3-1.

23mins  Tom on the edge of the box after some nice build up, passes back to Stef who launches a curler top right 4-1

25 Cowley breaks down the right again and crosses for Tom 5-1

30 Stef breaks down the left and goes for goal – behind

31 Adam solo effort 6-1

32 Cowley breaks down the right and goes for goal – behind




half time some concern on the bench as we see another player arriving for the Red Roosters.


Multiple changes with Tom/Miles/Cowley/DanH/Sean off swapping for NickL/NickD/DavidT/Oli/MattS 2nd half I can only assume the wind behind us caused all the crosses to "blow" forward and appear to be shots

Steff’s cross gets headed wide.

Dashti has the ball drop to him on the edge of the box only to volley over

Matt great run dribbling through the middle of the park, passes out to david on left cross in deep Steff off back line Matt open goal – mug of the day candidate #3.

Jeff throw in to NickL with his back to goal does a nice turn and left foot shot just saved

Stef is working the wing well and David volley one wide

10mins Stef corner Jeff header 7-1

Jeff pass through to NickD who has another volley over

Switch to NickD as right back with Leandro pushing up into midfield

Adam wins the ball and passes back to david tame shot to keeper

David cross, Stef pull back Adam time hit over mug of the day candidate #4 followed by "Ref he pulled me there" Stef – candidate #5

after numerous offside call Stef finally snaps with a "jeff your fucking off miles", Miles was chatting ont he side lines – so that makes Stef  candidate #6

Closing moments Jeff pressure keeper, wins the ball but pulled down, surprise surprise no penalty

Blow up.


In the end a good turnout and good run out on the island, brings our goal difference back so we are looking good against any teams on the same points. No complaints on the number of goals however we have to be more clinical in front of goal, first have 6 goals against 7 players, however only 1 goal v 8 players in the 2nd half.




nevertheless 3 points in the bag – we are still in 5th spot however only 5 points separate the top 5 teams and we have to play all the teams above. Maccabi did us a favour and drew the team above us.




Key we get another 3 points on tuesday – will send out list players tomorrow.




Otherwise enjoy the holiday weekend.