Kar chung have been strong opposition for us in the past with a lot of pace and strength at their disposal. However, they had a slightly weaker team this time round and Nitespartans were in no mood to give them a chnace in an impressive performance.

We started with Vera (G), Terry (RB), Tony C (CB), Tommy D (CB), Stef (LB), Lionel (RM), Flab (CM), Rob (CM), Ed (LM) Forlan (F) and Cowley (F) in a 4-4-2 formation.

Given our rigorous warm up (Black Swanesqe) and Cowley’s (entourage… Sri, Turtle, Drama etc) cheering us on we started extremely brightly. The inetrplay between Cowley and Forlan was brilliant with both showing plenty of deft touches and lots of pace. Ed had another tremendous performance on the wing with lots of tricks and some hard running. Lionel also played extremely well working very hard. We created plenty of chances with Ed, Cowley, Lionel and Forlan all going close. However, we struggled to score until the midway point of the half when Cowley found Forlan who scored a brilliant finish. We continued to dominate the half and the back 4 were very solid. The only moment real danger was when Henry did a kind of gymnastics role and almost knocked over a few of our players.
Towards the end of the half we have an amazing break that started with a corner from them; once again Cowley puts on the afterburners finds Forlan who tucks another away. We go in 2 -0 and totally on top.

At half time David comes on for Flabs and Andy for Ed. Once again we dominate but we are a little disjointed compared to the first half, they bring some fresh legs on and get back into the game a little. However, we totally dominate once again and fire in plenty of long range shots and headers. Hao comes on for Terry who goes off for cramp, Jamil comes on for Cowley and late in Chi and Dan get ten minutes. Incidents include Cowley hitting the post, Forlan missing a few and Hao amusingly taking out one of their players and then claiming innocence in a way that Nigel De Jong does. Henry also swaps with Tommy and plays well at centre back.

On the whole a well deserved win and pleasing to keep a clean sheet.

Forlan is the official MOM with 2 great goals.
Cowley was the Pub MOM
Cowley once again got Mug Of The Day and had an impressive 2 pints of Strongbow and 2 Jeager Bombs to start an interesting night out.

Sorry to Chi and Dan for not getting a longer run out.