Tell us the basics please. Where are you from, what are you doing HK and what was life like before HK?
From a little village of 800 people in the Republic of Ireland called Straffan. Working here as a consultant with KPMG. Life before HK was colder, quieter and more potatoe-full.

Appreciate you’ve only been with the Spartans since midway through last season, but what is your Spartans highlight to date?
Some would point to my 4 goals from 4 starts #RL7 as being an overall highlight but the pre-season social will take it, from what I remember of it.

Apart from Ed Tizard, who is you favourite footballer of all time?
Ryan Giggs. Just wish I had a brother whose wife I could shag.

If you weren’t a complete numbers nerd, what would be your dream job?
F1 driver. I wanna go fast.

The name Robbie is very similar to ‘Rob’, which also means to steal. If you had to rob a bank with three fellow teammates, who would you pick, and why?
Haze because he’s well connected with convicted felons, Lozza as he’s the fastest man on the
team and likely to be good at getting away, and probably Phil. Safe hands and all that.

It’s Spartans Tour 2019 – where are we going and how will it play out?
Koh Phangan, full moon, rent a couple of Spartan villas. First day we arrive, we’re off to the
wipeout course to watch me set the course record as the fastest Spartan around (a given), pile
on the beers for the evening, then get to playing a game against any sort of eejits we can find
on the beach as we mark out an 11-a-side pitch. Then onto the full moon. After that it’s last man
standing before we all die on the way home.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?
Once accidentally full on grabbed a co-workers boob. We were in Disneyland and it made the
rest of the pirates of the Caribbean ride very awkward.

Would you rather wake up every morning at 6am with Chris Grayland shouting in your face “GET UP. NOW. DO IT. COME ON!” or live your regular day to day life with Eashan narrating and analysing your every move?
Eash. But I’d like drunk and motivational Eash from last Sunday’s training. I’d go through a wall
for that man.

You do realise that means him watching you banging and going for a shit?
I stand by it. The drunken Eash would just shout loads of encouragement “give her one for me!”.

When and where is your best ever night out? What happened?
Vegas id say. Pool party to Calvin Harris then on to a strippies (saw 13 boobs). We had a penthouse booked through work so it was a good time had by all.

Thirteen boobs? Tell us more…
3 titty Tanya from Oklahoma. You never forget a thing like that

SHAG MARRY KILL. Robbie Williams, Robbie Savage, Lily Savage?
In that order. Dressing up as a woman is for poofters #lad

How about as a baby? Lovely chatting Robbie! Until next time.