Hi Casper, let’s start with the basics. Where are you from,what do you do here and what did you do before you arrived in HK?
I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark, not much of a viking but was sent out from my shipping company at the ripe age of 23, did couple of months in Melbourne, before I was stationed in Singapore for 2 year and now had the pleasure of spending 2 years with the spartans in HK.

What’s your Spartans highlight to date?
Was probably the night, last team night out, where Lozza accepted my proposal, took the ring and gave me his heart (don’t think Gladys knows yet), lost his wallet and didn’t make it home. That’s my kinda guy!

Kennedy Town is an area of HK that’s been getting cooler by the day, (since you moved in?), what’s your favourite places or hidden gems to hang out in K town?
I would def say Missy Ho’s, it’s a great place for groups, with funny hats for everyone to wear, good atmosphere and brilliant fusion kitchen.. Could look like a swingers club from the outside, so surprised I haven’t seen more of the Spartans rock up there.

Who’s your favourite ever footballer?
It would have to be Zidane, Figo or Michael Laudrup just to throw a Dane into the mix.

What’s your dream job?
Probably Nick Day’s assistant coach or astronaut – feel those to might require sort of the same skillset.

Are you saying Nick Day is a space cadet – outrageous! In other news, remember when your dad came to watch – good times. Remember when your sister came to watch – even better times. What’s the best piece of advice your dad has ever given you?

When in Asia use double rubber, first put on a johnny, then chilli-powder, then another rubber – if she screams pull out.. if you scream it’s too late!! Funny little side note when mentioning my sister – after the game she kept talking about this tall, handsome, very manly looking guy, great jawline btw, who was screaming a lot, winning headers, leading the team. She said Casper, is that guy single, can you get me in touch, and I said – I’m really sorry Sis but Lars already have a Girlfriend!

What’s your most embarrassing story you can share with us?
It involves a French bulldog called Dolly, a girl, and viagra. Can’t tell no more.

Gee willickers, after Ted’s tales as well we are lining up some fantastic stories for this week’s social! Would you rather have your hair shaved off or get fingered by Chris Grayland?
Oh Grayland didn’t tell you already ? My hair is still long….

You’ve been sent down – what crime have you most likely committed and what’s your last meal?
Prob the Hong Kong police who’d confiscated my phone and seen some of the videos I posted in the Spartans Saturday group… last meal would def be the Danish national dish “stegt flaesk med persillesovs”

If (when) Spartans go on tour next year, what destination would you pick? And give us a run-down of how you think it would pan out.
Maybe keep it simple and go to Singapore, play a game against my old team, Singapore Viking, and have a weekend attending http://zoukout.com/2017/ – Asia’s largest beach party.

Massive option! On that note, when and where was your best ever night out? Tell us about it
There has been many, but one of many would be Roskilde festival 2013 watching Metallica and thereafter Chase and Status on the big stage with 80.000 people. Loaded up on beers etc. with 10 of the best mates. Or could be New Year’s in New Orleans, Bourbon Street, something everyone should experience.

SHAG MARRY KILL. Peter Schmeichel, Peter Solomon, Peter Andre.
Def Shag Solomon, if i could catch him. Marry Peter Schmeichel for the money and kill Peter Andre for singing about a mysterious girl no one ever found out who was…