Nites 2:1 FF FC

(Brucey, Miles)

Nites returned to action after the Christmas break in good spirits, Niall bought a left and right boot, shocking fitness from most and a very questionable hip hop outfit…

Nites had a strong 15 man squad and the gaffa had a tough time picking the staring XI. It’s tricky, tricky tricky tricky tricky.

Soon to be Seoul Destroying Tour Heroes G-Unit and Jonzys were joined by the former Oxford United Director of Football in the stands to cheer the boys on.

It was great to have The King of the North back in da club. Nites employed a 4-5-1 which allowed Matt to Marshall Matters at the back. His centre back partner C Doggy Dawg was sometimes 8 Mile out of position, so he had his work cut out. In all seriousness, C Doggy was great again and safe as houses blud. Shaggy at right back was superb against the best player on the pitch and new Nite and left back revelation Danny L was brilliant again on the pitch again and had a shocker off it… that scarf!!

Summer signing (finally) and Hong Kong football Outkast Mikey-T was solid again even though Niall thought he was all over the place.

Nites had a bit of the ball early on and mid-1st half Welsh combative midfielder Cheesey-Y was felled by a lad half his size. When scoring goals is concerned Nites have 99 problems but set pieces aín’t one…BRUCEY! Notorious B.I.G stepped up and clipped it top bins… class.

Nites made some Changes. MC Cwayons and our So Solid Jew came off in CM (we will miss them in the summer summer time) followed by Danny L. Oli, Lil’ Bish and R-Kelly on.

The second half pressure forced Nites 2-Pac the defense and weather the strormzy. FF FC pulled level, I can’t really remember how and who gives a f*@k anyway.

Nites had some chances. Ashley Bizzle broke down the wing and floated a cross about 6 and a half ft high leaving Lil’ Bish to … jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down! What a mug – very fortunate to miss dick of the day for that.

Phil was class in goal with some match winning saves and for once didn’t drop it like its hot.

Matt went on a run followed by a scuff of a pass, Ashley Bizzle picked it up and somehow the ball landed at the self-proclaimed Da Big OM’s feet.

OM was cool as Ice Cube. He got away with a Ludacris first touch and managed to beat their back 4 who all fell down Like Toy Soliders… you only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow…and he slotted it straight at the goalie who kindly dived out the way. Nites 2:1 up with 21 seconds to go (ish).

It was all too easy to lose yourself in the moment… and we bloody did!!!

FT NItes win 2:1!

Off to Bound for beers (thanks OM) and I need the lads feedback; do we really like it? Is it is it wicked?… We were in good spirits leading to someone calling da police woo woo woo.

A few artisan craft beers later we were off to Spartans Club sponsor (we always forget we get discount!) Ilan bar in LKF. Shaggy, your Missus is a Nutter….

Men of the Match: Phil/ Matt

Dick of the Day: Big C-Doggy Dawg… can’t quite remember why though